Thursday, 16 January 2020

2020 Goals

I am totally late to the party here but for the last few weeks, I have been pondering about what I want to achieve this year. There are so many things that I would like to improve in my life but I am not really a one for resolutions (I always end up breaking them). Plus I always think January is a daft time to start making changes as its a bit of a miserable month, the weather is rubbish, everyone is a bit skint after Christmas and if your house is anything like mine it will still be full of treats from Christmas. 

February seems a much better month to make changes in my opinion so I have been thinking about the goals I want to achieve in 2020. I always think goals are a much better way to improve your life then resolutions, as goals are something you can work towards throughout the year. 

So here are some of the things I want to achieve in the year ahead.

1.) Get Healthy

I always say I am going to lose weight and never, ever do. In the past I have joined slimming clubs, tried fad diets and joined gyms - nothing works! Or it works I lose a few stones then put it all back on again. So I am giving up diets as in the long run I think they just make me over-eat as I always say I will start a diet on Monday then spend the weekend before pigging out before I re-start my diet for the 100th time and evidently break it starting the cycle again the following week. 

It is not healthy and I need to break the cycle. 

So I am just going to concentrate on being healthy. Drinking more water, eating three meals a day, eating more fruit and veg and walking more. Just simple little things that will hopefully change my mindset and pay off in the long run. As being overweight is not great for my health and I want to teach my children good habits. 

2.) Get Organised

I am so disorganised, like mega disorganised! I am always late, leave everything until the last minute and as a result, I end up stressed out and it just causes chaos. Every part of my life is disorganised - blogging, my open university work, the house, our finances, appointments  - everything is just a mess and I need to sort it out to make things easier to manage. 

I have got myself a planner and I am going to write everything down. I will spend time each week planning the week ahead, seeing what we have on and what needs to be done that week. I am also going to spend some time organising things in the home, sticking to weekly meal plans and just putting plans in place to make our family life run more smoothly. 

3.) De-Clutter

Following on from getting more organised I really need to de-clutter as our house is just full of stuff we don't need. It is actually embarrassing, Our utility room has just become a dumping ground for outgrowing toys, the pantry is full of left-over bits from our wedding last summer, my bedroom is full of books, clothes that I no longer wear and random bits and bobs. 

The clutter drives me mad and I think if I tackled the clutter it would help keep me organised and as the saying goes tidy house, tidy mind. 

4.) Sort Finances 

We are so bad with money as we waste a lot and I am sick of having no money left at the end of the month. I am a freelance blogger so my income can vary massively each month, some months I may earn nothing and others I could earn a lot. However, my husband is on a decent salary and on paper once we have paid every single bill and expense we have we should be left with a decent amount left over each month from his wages.

 But we never have money left over lately. 

We have been paying £350 a month since the summer on a holiday direct debit but we also waste a lot on trips to the shop buying stuff we don't need, takeaways, meals out, the husband renting films or paying for sports on sky  -our sky bill causes arguments every single month as it is so high! 

So I have drawn up a budget, opened a new savings account and am going to start making sure we stop wasting so much money. As the money we waste could be put to much better use. 

5.) Learn To Drive 

I am 36 and still haven't learnt to drive yet. I have always wanted to learn but I have just never got around to it. I had my eldest when I was 18 so I never learnt while I was young and since then I have just never found the time to learn as I have been busy with my children or at work. Now that all three children are in full-time school I really want to learn. 

Last summer was awful as the other half was working 6 days a week and me and the children were stuck at home as I couldn't drive to take them anywhere. They also have so many activities and go to parties at out of town places and I have to rely on lifts or get taxis or buses and it is just a nightmare. So this year I need to learn to drive. 

My teen is learning at the moment and it is expensive at £45 for a two-hour lesson each week. But in the summer I am going to have to learn as it is really holding me back not being able to go anywhere. 

6.) More Time For Myself

As a mam, I always, always put my children first. I firmly believe that your children are only little for a short while and that we should make the most of the time that we do have with them. Something that I know only too well myself as my eldest is 17 and rarely spends time with us as she has a busy life these days. My children will always come first for this very reason so no kid-free holidays or anything for me (I would miss them too much and would rather spend the money on a family holiday making memories with them). 

However I need to start making a bit more time for me, simple things like making sure I get my hair cut every few months instead of once a year! Buying myself new clothes without feeling guilty, making time to meet with friends or go on date nights with my husband. 

When children are small, especially when they are so close in age like my little two, being a mam can be all-consuming. Now they are a bit older I want to find me again, to start wearing nice clothes, painting my nails, socialising with friends, just being me again without feeling all the mam guilt.  

7.) Blog More

I started blogging way back in 2014 - almost 6 years ago! For the first few years that I was blogging it was hard as I was pregnant when I started and had a baby at home too. I was a full-time stay at home mam of three with a teen, and two babies - it was tough! I am amazed I actually found the time to blog! So for most of the time, I have been blogging I have had at least one child at home with me full-time! 

Last year my youngest started full-time school and I planned on blogging full-time and making something of this blog. However, life got in the way as I was planning my wedding and that kind of took over, last year I hardly blogged at all compared to previous years. The end of last year was tough as I started an Open University Course in Health and Social Care to hopefully eventually get my degree (better late than never). We had a lot on and I just couldn't face blogging. 

However, now I am ready to start blogging properly again and hopefully this year I will be more consistent and get back into the swing of things. I have lots of plans for this year, I am going to start doing recipes again, feature more of our local days out and meals out, we have some travel plans I will share but I want to show more of family life in Newcastle because that's the name of this blog after all. 

So those are my goals for 2020 to be healthy, declutter my house, get organised, get better with money, learn to drive, blog more and put myself first every once in a while. I will check back in next January to see how I have got on. 

Do you have any goals for 2020? 



  1. Good luck with achieving your goals. I'm on a health kick at the moment and I'm doing the same as you. Being sensible about eating will go a long way. x

  2. Good luck with the goals. I would recommend Body Benefits programme if you are in North Tyneside. Its free, you get advice on eating plus free access to the gym and exercise classes for 12 weeks


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