Monday, 23 September 2019

How To Reward Your Child For Doing Well At School

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When your child is doing well at school, rewarding them not only helps to show how proud you are of their performance, but it also motivates them to continue. The trouble is, knowing how to reward them isn't easy.

If you're looking to show your child how proud you are of their academic achievements, below you'll find some great ideas on how to reward them for their hard work.

Shower them with praise

One of the best ways to reward your kids for doing well is to praise them. Even just a simple "well done, I'm really proud of you" can make them feel special and appreciated. We often forget that it's not the gift we shower onto our kids, but the praise which makes the biggest difference. That isn't to say that buying them a little treat isn't a good idea. Just make sure you focus more on affection and praise than material things. 

Offer up a sweet treat

What child doesn't love a sweet treat? You could buy them premium personalised chocolate for a real treat. Or, if you're a keen baker why not bake them a cake? If they love baking too, you could let them help you bake the cake, turning it into a great bonding opportunity. 

Trying to get kids to eat healthy these days isn't easy. However, if you are trying to vary their diet and cut out the sweet stuff, buying it as a treat for good grades, for example, is a great treat idea. It means they only get to indulge on special occasions and when they have done particularly well. 

Take them to the cinema

Activity-based rewards are also a great idea. Why not treat them to a trip to the cinema? If they're old enough, you can allow them to visit the cinema with friends. Or, if they already go to the cinema a lot, why not treat them to a day out somewhere? Think of anywhere they might love to go and then treat them for their academic performance. 

Allow them extra time incentives 

Finally, a great way to reward your kids for doing well at school is to give extra time for the things they love. For example, maybe they aren't allowed to play a video game at a set time? For one day only, allow them a little extra time for their game. Or if it's not a school night, why not allow them to have a slightly later bedtime? These extra time incentives tend to work really well. 

As you can see, there's lots of ways you can reward your child for doing well in school. By taking the time to reward them, it will encourage them to continue to do well. 


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