Monday, 23 September 2019

How To Make More Room For Family Time In The Diary

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Do you struggle to make time for family? When you're working hard, trying to balance work and family life, it can be really difficult. Most days you're left feeling exhausted, stressed and there never seems to be enough hours in the day. However, while it may be difficult, it's important to make sure you're taking time out for family. 

If you find it a struggle, here you'll discover some great tips and advice on how to make room in your diary for family time. 

Weekly sit-down meals 

These days, it can be difficult to get everyone around the table to eat at the same time. Sit down meals have become a rare event for modern families, despite the benefits they can deliver. So, if your family could benefit from more sit-down meals together, begin making sure you have one sit-down meal each week. 

This gives you the opportunity to catch up with everyone and see what each member of the family is up to. Make sure you ban phones from the table so you're all simply focused on each other. 

Enjoy a family outing once a month

Another great way to make more time for the family is to host one outing a month. You can either head to your favourite destination or try and explore somewhere new each month. Travelling together as a family gives you the opportunity to create long-lasting memories. 

If you live in or near London for example, you could take the train to Brighton. This would get you out of the city to enjoy a fun-filled family beach day. 

Leave work at work

This one can definitely be easier said than done. However, making sure you leave work at work is essential. While you might not be able to stop yourself thinking about work occasionally, you can ensure you don't check your emails or take work calls. Family time should be just that - time for the family. So make sure you're not dipping into it with work-related activities. 

Host weekly family meetings

You might also want to start hosting weekly family meetings. These allow each member of the family to talk about any issues they're having, or anything they'd like to discuss with everyone else. You could use these meetings to see where everyone wants to go on your next family outing. These meetings give everyone a voice and they can actually strengthen your family unit. 

Making room for the family shouldn't be a chore. However, that doesn't mean it's easy. The above are some of the best ways to start spending more time together as a family. Making your family a priority isn't just great for them, it's essential for your own wellbeing too. 



  1. Brilliant ideas here. I really love the family meeting one. We all tend to eat together at the weekends but the week is difficult because my fiancé gets home later than my son is willing to wait for food!

    Family time is so important x


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