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Tips For Getting Ready For Back To School

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Today is the last day of term and we are so ready for the long, lazy, summer break. I love the summer holidays as it is a break from the routine of school and after school clubs and we get to spend more time as a family making memories. We don't have any big plans for this summer but my youngest will be turning five, my teen will be getting her GCSE results and we have some local days out planned. 

As the kids are breaking up for school I have already started thinking about getting organised for September. I am not one of those super-organised parents who have all the uniform in before the kids break up nor am I one of the last-minute panic buying parents, I am kind of somewhere in the middle. I have ordered the branded school jumpers but I still need to get skirts/trousers, polo tops, coats, shoes, new p.e kit's etc. After 13 years of having children in school, I have kind of got the whole back-to-school essentials down to a tee. 

                                             Tips For Back To School

  • If you need to buy branded school items, such as school jumpers make sure you order them asap. They can take a long time to arrive in busy summer months so it is best to be prepared and get them early so you have them in time for September.
  • Invest in some decent kids school shoes, I always personally think it is better spending a little more on school shoes rather than cheaper supermarket ones as they last so much longer. My daughter had Lelli Kelly ones last year which lasted her ages and my son had Clarkes which have lasted the full year, you can get some lovely school shoes from Very from brands such as Lelli Kelly, Kickers, Dr Martins and even Clarkes and Start-rite. 
  • Stock up on white polo tops or shirts as you can guarantee that you will need a clean one every day as young kids - well mine at least, always come home covered in food, paint or mud and need a clean uniform every single day. 
  • If you have young kids it is worth getting uniform with elasticated or adjustable waists as they can't wear belts for school and sometimes the waists are too big for my son as he is tall for his age but very slim built, so adjustable waists have been brilliant. 
  • Make sure you label everything. You can buy inexpensive named clothing labels from so many places and they are a lifesaver, we have ones that you just stick on and they have lasted all year. We label everything, even shoes and water bottles as so many children have the same things and my children are forever losing things at school. 
  • Get them a waterproof coat, you can guarantee that whenever it is school run time it will rain so a waterproof jacket is a must. 
  • Make sure you check high-school uniform policy, my teens high-school was super strict on the uniform and so many children were sent home or put in isolation for not following uniform rules last year. 
  • Don't forget the little extras for back to school, I always get my children things like new water bottles, bags (to keep the mountain of stuff they bring home each day), lots of bobbles and hair clips - my daughter is always losing them at school. My children also like to be involved in picking there own back to school items as it helps get them excited for the new term ahead. 
  • Buy lots of socks and tights. We are forever losing socks in this house, I honestly don't know where they keep disappearing too. So make sure you have lots, I normally just get multi-packs of black ones for my son and white for my daughter as they are easier to match up. Plus make sure you have lots of tights if your daughter wears them as my two girls are forever getting ladders and holes in theirs and we go through so many pairs. 
  • Buy a diary or calendar as there is so much going on at school that you will need to write it all down so you don't forget. 
Most importantly of all make sure you have fun this summer and enjoy spending time with your children before the routine of school starts again in September. 

What are your back to school tips? I would love to know in the comments below as I am always looking for ways to make life easier. 


  1. Fab tips - I've fallen into the trap of buying cheap school shoes in the past and don't make that mistake now, especially in the winter. You definitely need to invest in quality x

    1. You really do need to invest in quality shoes for school, I always think they are worth paying that bit more for as they end up costing less in the long run as you don't have to replace them as often x

  2. Great tips. School shoes were always difficult as my son has really wide feet!

    1. oh nightmare, my son was the same when he was younger now he seems to have narrowed out a bit x

  3. Great tips - I am so glad it's not only my daughter who seems to go through hair bands and socks like there's no tomorrow (I've no idea how she can lose socks!!) I am usually a bit last minute to check she doesn't unexpectedly grow but last year, I found a lot of places had sold out, so I must get (a bit) more organised this time. Shopping for school shoes is always my least favourite, and she's on the transition from infant to child sizes so an in between size on lots of styles - will definitely have to check Very out.

    1. hair bobbles are always going missing with daughter, most days she comes home without them and her hair all over the place x

  4. So many fab tips. I know the shoes are a nightmare going for the cheaper option, but we do have indoor shoes too, so they aren't worn quite as long, but still more than enough xx


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