Friday, 21 June 2019

How My Dad Is Keeping Active Now He Is Retired

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Last summer my dad retired at the age of 60, as silly as it sounds since he retired I have realised that he is getting older and whilst he is still active and probably healthier than me I do worry a bit. Mainly because he lives alone and I worry about how he will manage in his home now that he is getting older as he has steep stairs in his home and a bathroom with a shower over the bath. Since he retired he has been doing home renovations that he has been putting off for years, so far he has transformed his back garden and made a start on plastering and redecorating the stairs. Next on his list is to update his bathroom, as he has had his current bathroom suite since I was a child! We have been looking into getting him a walk in shower fitted from Bathing solutions as he never uses the bath and this would suit him much better as he gets older and less mobile.

Despite being in his 60s and being retired my dad is still active, he goes on long walks every day around the town where he lives. He has just returned from a camping trip at the Le Mans 24-hour car racing event in France and he goes on weekend trips walking in the countryside with his partner. But it got me thinking about ways to keep active when you are over 55 and some of the ways my own dad is keeping himself active now that he is retired. 

1.) Walking 

As I mentioned my dad goes on daily walks every day, he walks for a couple of miles each day around his local town. On weekends he normally visits National Trust sites, the coast or the countryside and goes on long walks with his partner. He enjoys going for walks, it is free and he enjoys getting outside for a few hours and it helps keep him fit and healthy. 

2.) Gardening 

Gardening is another great way to stay active, my dad spent all of the last summer redoing his garden, he fitted fences, new paving and artificial grass. He now grows plants and herbs in his garden which he tends to each day. However simple activities like mowing the lawn or trimming hedges or weeding are also great ways to stay active. 

3.) Swimming 

Swimming is a great way to stay active as it is gentle exercise and you can go at your own pace. Most leisure centres have adult only sessions which are ideal if you just want a quiet swim or they do aqua aerobics which seems popular at my local leisure centre. 

4.) Take up a hobby 

Retirement is the perfect time to take up a hobby, from waking groups and Bowles to special interest groups and learning new skills. There are so many great classes and groups to join. My dad joined a quiz group and every Wednesday night he heads off to the local pub to meet up with his team and compete in a pub quiz. It is something he enjoys and it keeps him happy. 

5.) Socialise 

Pretty obvious but socialising with friends and family is a great way to stay active. It is always good to get out and about and spend time with friends or loved one and it is good for your mental wellbeing as well as being a great way to make memories, as let's face it that's what life is all about sending time with loved ones and making memories to treasure forever. 

If you or your parents are retired how do they stay active in retirement? 


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  1. We have similar worries for my father-in-law, he lost his wife shortly after retirement so it's been difficult for him to find the motivation to keep active. You've listed some great ideas, I will suggest some of them to him and hopefully he will get himself out a little more.


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