Thursday, 20 June 2019

Conservatory Warming Solutions: How To Keep Your Conservatory Warm During Winter

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Conservatories are great to have around - at any time of the year. They provide a great view and with a conservatory, it tends to feel like we are outside when we are actually inside. However, we all know that during summer, it can get quite hot and in the winter, it can become very cold. Do you want to feel 'just right'? Guardian roof installers, CSM North East share some solutions for you.

Invest in Underfloor Heating 

This solution might not be up to everyone's budget - but if you actually make the right choice in the system, it can help warm up your space a lot. You may use an electric system (with electric filaments), or you may go for the 'wet' systems (with hot water flowing into pipes). 

It is pretty much similar to the classic radiators that we place along the walls. This system is added in the whole floor (although there are options for installing it in the tiled conservatory roof). This way, you can keep comfortable temperatures throughout the seasons. 

Use the right glass

Regardless of how much glass you are planning to use, make sure that you use the right one. Work with conservatory experts that know which type of glass to install on your roof. You need the glass to keep the UV rays to a minimum, limiting their entry and therefore keeping your conservatory nice and breathable. Plus just as the right glass in tiled conservatory roof can keep the heat from getting in, it can also keep it from getting out. This is very useful during the winter as well as it keeps the room nice and warm. 

Install air conditioning 

No one can deny the power that air conditioning has. When that summer heat hits in a conservatory, an AC system will become the love you never knew you needed. Plus, today's air conditioning systems are not only efficient when it comes to cooling up a place  - they're also great for heating it up. With a system that has been specially designed to ventilate a conservatory, you should then be able to keep the temperature at a decent level. 

Make use of radiators

Radiators are some of the most popular options to keep a conservatory warm during the cold winter months. When it comes to these type of constructions, people prefer electric heaters as they come with barely any disruptions. Plus, while it can get fairly costly when it comes to running an electric heater, it is the least expensive to install. Traditional radiators can be very complicated and costly to install. 

Replace your roof with a tiled system 

Many conservatories are made of polycarbonate or glass roofing, materials that are poor thermal insulators. Tiled roofing is becoming more popular as they become more affordable and better suited to the needs of the average family. Tiled conservatory roofs maintain a suitable temperature all year round. They keep warm air inside the conservatory during the winter and prevent sunlight from heating up the room too much in summer. 

It is not that difficult to keep your conservatory cool (or warm), provided that you invest in the right equipment. Just to ensure that the job is well done, you might want to discuss with the experts even before building it. Sometimes, a few considerations in the tiled conservatory roof can make a great difference. 

If you want to discuss the best ways to keep your conservatory temperatures in control, contact the experts. CSM North East can have a Guardian conservatory roof fully fitted in less than a week (full turnaround can vary). 


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