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3 Reasons Why Everyone Loves A School Leavers Hoodie

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Our time at school is one of the most formative and important in our lives. Not only are we taught important lessons in literature, maths and science, which fuel our understanding and curiosity of academic subjects, but we also deeply learn about ourselves, society and the world around us. For most, it's where lasting friendships are formed, unforgettable memories are created and new experiences and ideas are tried and tested. 

It's no surprise, then that leaving school is a pretty big deal. Students are eager to mark the end of their school life in a range of creative and fun ways. There are the end-of-term pranks and the endless staged photos, but of all the leavers' traditions, the most enduring and significant is the leavers' hoodie. 

As students across the country gear up their revision in preparation for their final exams, whether they're SATs, GCSEs or A-Levels, below I take a look at the enduring appeal of the leavers' hoodie and break down the three top reasons why they're a school leavers must-have. 

What Is a Leavers Hoodie? 

Hoodies themselves, a staple of comfort fashion, first burst into our wardrobes over a hundred years ago but it wasn't until the 1980s when the recent developments in embroidery and printing technology were combines - and the humble leavers' hoodie was born. 

Emblazoned with the names of classmates, proudly boasting the school colours and featuring the school logo and motto, the leavers' hoodie is a distinctive item in any wardrobe. You've probably seen young (and not-so-young) people donning their leavers' hoodie around your area, at the airport, to the shops and elsewhere. Designed to be a wearable memento that honours our school days and happy memories, the leavers' hoodie has become a bonafide rite of passage for school leavers the country over and the finest example of personalised clothing. 

1.) Mark the End of an Era

There is something innate in human nature that desires to make a tangible mark of a particular time and space that was special to us. From the early cave markings of our ancestors to the graffiti-tagging culture of today - and that includes scratching your name onto school desks, walls, bathroom doors ad the back of bus seats - it's a deeply ingrained activity that serves to tell the world that we were there. 

Today, that desire is arguably more heightened. Our kids live in a time of constant connection, where sharing their opinion is as easy as posting an update to their Facebook timeline. While it may play an important part in your child's life, it's just so intangible. We don't know what the virtual world will look like in 20 or 30 years time or what might happen to the many images and memories we store online. 

By contrast, a leavers hoodie is a more powerful physical statement and reminder. Unlike the internet, a hoodie can be held, touched and stored so that the memories will never fade. With a leavers hoodie, you can keep a trace of your past self, your old friends and all the memories and experiences of your school years - it's much more special than the slight virtual trace of being a member of an online group or updating the field where you went to school on your social media profile. 

2.) The sense of Collective Identity 

The school experience is unique. It's one of the few times in our lives when we belong to a tight-knit community of people of a similar age and background. Perhaps most unique is that when we're at school, we're all enjoying (or perhaps not) the same shared experience - growing up, and seeking independence and purpose. It's a time like no other when we learn not only how to build our own personal identity but also the importance of collective identity. A recent survey by Yazzoo Personalised clothing discovered that over half of young people feel that group identity is as important as individual identity. In a time when loneliness among young people is at an all-time high, the ability to hold on to the communities that bolstered our personal and collective growth has become vital. 

A leavers hoodie pays homage to our collective identity and the memories we experience during our school days. Incorporating a child's name alongside those of their peers is an immediate way to re-enforce the community that helped to build the person they have become. Perhaps that's why more and more university students are rocking their leavers hoodies at university. Like a comfort blanket, it provides a physical reminder that they aren't alone in the world and that even though things change, people move on, and new experiences abound, they will always belong to their school and the community it created. 

3.) Something Soft and Snuggly to Wear

Leavers hoodies are far more than a physical memento - unlike a photograph, a medal or a certificate, a hoodie is wearable. It's something that you can wear and enjoy on a daily basis. After all, who doesn't love a snuggly, soft and comfy hoodie? 

A leavers hoodie is a practical and wearable everyday item that packs a serious nostalgic punch when you wear it. 

If your child is due to finish school, make sure they don't miss out by getting them their own
school leavers hoodie for a gift they'll treasure for years to come. 

Disclosure this is a guest post, I have been compensated for this post. 

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  1. My teen is really looking forward to getting hers. It's won't be that long now. Eek!


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