Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Tips For Making Road Safety Fun For Children

Guest Post.

Making Sure children learn all about road safety is an important subject, it's key to preventing them from having a road traffic accident, and it prepares them for when they have to use the road alone. Teaching your children about road safety doesn't have to be boring. We've put together a few ideas for how you can make road safety fun for young children. 

1.) Role play 

Use toy cars, bikes and characters to explain what would happen in different scenarios. For example, a racing car moving fast can demonstrate the impact it will have on a pedestrian crossing the road, or a car approaching a set of traffic lights will show what action they should take if the lights are on amber.

2.) Plan a bike ride 

Cycling as a family can be a great way to prepare children for when they have to use the roads independently. By following different cycling routes (ideally with bike lanes) and giving them instructions, children will start to understand how to interact with other road users and become more aware of the traffic that's around them.

3.) Use visual aids

There are plenty of resources on the internet to help teach children the importance of road safety. Look around and you'll find useful posters which describe the Highway Code, videos which explain the rules of the road and interactive games which test their knowledge and put what they have learned into practice. 

4.) Go outside 

There is no better way of teaching your children about road safety than going outside and talking them through the Highway Code. When you are walking, talk to them about the risks involved and show them how to cross the road safely. Lead by example - put your mobile phone away and use marked crossings!

5.) Campaign for road safety

Once you have gone through the basics of road safety, why not get out and put what they have learned into practice? There are numerous supervised walks that take place at schools and nurseries and at weekends across the UK. These are planned events that promote the importance of road safety and encourage children to walk without fear of traffic. 

These are just some ideas for making road safety fun for children and helping them to be safe road users. If you have young children, what resources have you used to teach them about road safety? 

This is a collaborative guest post written by Thompsons Solicitors. 

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