Friday, 28 September 2018

The World Has Gone Cleaning Crazy

Unless you have been living under a rock lately than I am sure you have heard of Mrs Hinch, the Instagram cleaning sensation. She lives in a beautiful and super clean home and she shares cleaning tips on her Instagram stories earning her heaps of followers and stores are selling out of the products she uses. She really is just a normal woman sharing how she cleans her home each day but everyone is going crazy for her and she has inspired a whole new generation of women (and men) to get their clean on #HinchArmy style. She even appeared on This Morning recently, she is that popular.

Like a lot of mothers I clean daily, the laundry in our house is never ending and with young children about I am forever picking up toys or hoovering up crumbs. However cleaning was never top of my list of priorities, yeah I washed the dishes each day, made the beds and tidied up the mess and hoovered when needed but that was about it. I didn't enjoy cleaning it was just something that needed doing and some days if you visited you would think my house was a mess with toys all over the living room and piles of washing in the laundry basket.

However, I am starting to enjoy cleaning after watching Mrs Hinch and so are loads of my friends and family too. I now want a really clean home, well as clean as it can be with three kids, a messy partner and fluffy pets in the house. 

I have written myself a cleaning rota, I have a stash of cleaning products - Zoflora I am looking at you! And I actually like cleaning, something I never thought I would say! There is something very satisfying about scrubbing the oven clean and having a nice clean and tidy home, it is also making me feel so much more relaxed too as clutter and mess actually make me feel a bit anxious. 

From cleaning my laminate flooring in the lounge to polishing the fireplace and freshening up my sofas with a spray of conditioner and water (great tip Mrs H) I am really enjoying my new cleaning routine. I drop the kids at school and return home to put the music channel on the TV and get my clean on before settling down to get some blogging work done. I am feeling so much more productive now I have a clean home too as before I would be distracted by the breakfast dishes in the sink or stray toys scattered around the lounge. 

I am not alone in feeling the way as there are tons of Facebook groups cropping up dedicated to cleaning and so many friends on Facebook are posting photos of their super clean homes or Zoflora and cleaning stash. People are actually talking about cleaning in a way that I have never known before and instead of dreading it mams, like me, are rushing home from the school run to get their clean on. The world has gone cleaning crazy but I for one like it, I just hope that it continues as it is lovely having such a clean and tidy home.

Have you caught the cleaning bug yet?

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