Thursday, 6 September 2018

Sorting Out Our Finances To Save For More Holidays

Recently we suffered an unexpected bereavement in my family and it has made me realise just how precious and short life can be. It has made me want to grab life with both hands, follow my dreams and stop waiting for the right time to do things, as that time may never come. As a family our dream is to travel, myself and my partner always said once the children were a little bit older and of school age, we would travel more as a family, we want to show our children the world. Now that our youngest has turned four and will be off to school in a matter of days we have realised now is the perfect time to start following our dreams. 

We took the children on their first holiday abroad back in May, only to Majorca to see how they would cope with a change of routine and with flying. They both loved it and adapted well and this only ignited our desire to travel more. Like a lot of families, money holds us back when it comes to travelling.

view of Majorca from jet2 plane window coming in to land

On paper we have more than enough money, my partner started a different role at his company a few months ago with much better pay. I am starting to earn a steady income from this blog and we luckily don't have any debt to pay, just regular household bills. However, we have no savings and always spend more than is necessary. 

So I have been thinking of ways we can save more money, obviously, we have a wedding to pay for next summer (just 11 months to go until we get married). So any travel plans are on hold until after the wedding, but I have been thinking of ways we can save for the future. 


This is such an obvious thing but we never budget for anything, we spend money without thinking and often end up paying a lot more than we planned. We really need to sit down, budget all of our bills each month and then see what is left over and hopefully we can then start adding to our travel fund instead of wasting money by overspending. We are so bad for wasting money on things we have not budgeted for such as trips to the shops for magazines and takeaways, which all soon mount up. 

Meal plan 

Another thing I really need to do is get back into the habit of meal planning, before the summer I meal planned weekly and then ordered groceries online which kept costs down. This saved us so much time and money as we had enough meals and groceries to last us for the week. This stopped us from ordering takeaways and eating out which is something we have spent a lot of money on during the summer. I will also be ordering lunch for my partner for work, at the moment he is spending around £10 per day on food and drink at work, which is about £200 a month. 

Sell unwanted goods

Having three children means we have a lot of clutter, I really need a big sort out before Christmas. I need to sort through the toys, books and clothes that the children have outgrown and see if we have anything we can sell. I also have lots of old clothes, books, DVDs and household items that are unused too. Hopefully, I will be able to sell some of these items on local selling sites or on eBay to bring in a bit more money and get rid of the clutter. 

Earn More 

It is pretty obvious but in order for us to travel I need to earn more, in September I am going to take the plunge and blog full-time so hopefully, I can earn more. If things don't work out then I have been looking at getting a part-time job to fit around the school run (here is hoping). I have also been looking into doing some kind of freelance work, using the skills I have learnt from blogging. 

I have heard of people earning money by filling in online surveys and product tests. If you are creative (sadly I am not) you could also start making things to sell, I see so many small businesses in the wedding and keepsake industry making personalised items and decorations. 

If you own your own home you may be able to rent your garage or your drive out to earn some extra money. If there has been an increase in the value of your home this handy calculator will show you how much it has increased in value. 

Shop Around 

I am really bad for never shopping around, now that I am wedding planning I have been learning to shop around more. I have been looking for the best deals, waiting for suppliers to have special offers on and even using cashback websites. It is amazing how much you can save by doing this, the money we have saved has meant we have been able to stretch our wedding budget and save money. 

So those are some of the ways I am planning on saving and earning a bit more cash over the coming year. We hopefully want to take the children to three different countries per year, two foreign holidays, one European mini-break and at least one UK mini-break per year. 

Do you have any money saving or money earning tips? If so I would love to know in the comments below. 

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