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How We Are Saving For Our Wedding Next Year

In June we are getting married and we haven't even started saving yet, I really should as our original budget has almost doubled as I keep seeing things that I want for the big day. Thanks, Pinterest and Royal Wedding fever. I had a bit of a panic last week as I realised we haven't saved anything, other than paying deposits for suppliers and my dad paying for my venue hire. We have just under a year now to save and plan for our wedding day so I have been thinking of ways we can save some money whilst still enjoying family life.

Whenever I read tips or advice on saving money for your wedding it always mentions getting married on a weekday or out of season to save money, I booked a Saturday in June - prime wedding season. We also don't know anyone who bakes or does photography or make-up so we have had to pay for all of our suppliers. None of the tips in the magazines on saving money for your wedding worked for us so I have been thinking of ways we can save.

1.) Set up a savings account

I have set up a savings account just for wedding funds, we have worked out how much we can save and each month we will put money away in the savings account for the wedding. I will also be adding odd numbers of money left in my bank account say for example if I have £52.20 in my bank I will put the £2.20 in my savings account online leaving the £50 in my account.

2.) Sell unwanted items

I have recently started selling unwanted things on eBay, mainly the children's old things such as baby items and old clothes. We have so much clutter and it drives me mad, so I have slowly been listing things on eBay and getting rid of things we no longer need.

3.) Sell broken phones

Myself, my partner and my teen all have contract phones and we never seem to do anything with the old ones when we upgrade. We have at least six old iPhones around the house, some of them have cracks on the screen so I never thought about selling them but I am planning to sell damaged phone and put the money in my savings. After all, it is just sitting in a drawer not being used so is useless to me.

4.) Cut down on spending

Both myself and my partner are really bad at wasting money, we order takeaways a couple of times a week, we eat out a lot, I am always buying magazines and he is always popping to the shop to buy cans of pop whenever he passes. We need to stop it, we sat down and worked out that we must waste about £100 a week on this, so it needs to stop and go into the wedding fund.

5.) Shop around 

This is something that I need to get better at as I am so bad and normally book the first thing that I see. I have realised if I spend a little bit of time shopping around I can save a lot of money on the wedding. I brought a £100 bridesmaid dress for just £10 in the House of Fraser sale recently, I also managed to get a £10 Debenhams voucher when booking wedding insurance and we have shopped around for suppliers which has saved us a lot of money.

6.) Limit guests

I know this is not for everyone but we have decided to limit guests, we are only having around 40-day guests and then around 110 night time. We are both from big families and if we were going to invite everyone it would have cost us too much money, so we are having close family and friends during the day and then more guests on an evening. I didn't really see the point in paying £50pp for people to bring guests we don't know or people we rarely see.

7.) Do you really need it?

Do you really need it? is something I ask myself all the time about our wedding. I had my heart set on having the reception room draped as I thought it looked nice on photos, it was going to cost close to £1000 but I was adamant that I wanted it. Now I realise I don't need the room draped as we are having a summer wedding and it will look nicer without draping. Same goes for the photo booth, ice cream trike and magician I had planned as well, we don't need them and the money we are saving by not having them means we can have a honeymoon.

8.) D.I.Y

I am the least crafty person ever but I have decided that I will be doing some of the wedding things myself. Name settings, some of the decor items and stationery will be done by us, to save money and I also think it will be nice to add some personal touches to the day too.

9.) Join Local Wedding Facebook Groups

Another thing I have found is that by joining local North East wedding related facebook groups I get to see when suppliers have special offers on or cancellations that they advertise in these groups. We booked our photographer after seeing an offer he was running on Facebook. 

10.) Stick to budget

We were going over budget on everything on our wedding and we realised it was daft to spend so much on just one day, we would rather have a nice holiday instead. So we have set a budget and allotted amounts for each thing for the wedding and have agreed we won't go over that, for example, I have a budget of £500 for flowers so I need to remember not to go over that amount to keep within budget. 

So those are the ways that I am saving for our wedding next year. We have lots of saving to do (thank goodness the other half got a better-paid job recently) and by implementing these tips we will hopefully save enough for our dream day while still enjoying family life. 

If you have any wedding saving tips then please do let me know in the comments below.

Collaborative post. 

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