Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Saving For Our Family Holiday

In just two weeks time we will be off on our very first family holiday abroad as a family of five, I can not wait! I am longing to feel the warm sun on my skin, see the delight on my children's faces as they splash about in the pool and to spend quality family time together. I am officially counting down the sleeps until we jet off for some sun (fingers crossed the sun is shining).

As a family of five, holidays abroad cost a lot of money, so many hotels don't have rooms big enough and paying for an extra room or a larger room often makes the cost mount up. My eldest is 15 now so we have to pay adult price for her, and three adults and two children is not cheap. We were being quoted over £5000 just for one week in an average hotel during the summer holidays in Europe. Crazy!

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We knew that we really wanted a holiday this year though, even though we have a wedding to pay for and are in the middle of house renovations. So we decided to shop around and make some changes so we could afford a family holiday, we ended up paying £2450 for a week all inclusive, in a large family room in Majorca in May - which is much more purse friendly.

We have decided to go out of high season and have opted to go during term-time in May, I know this is not for everyone but the little two are under five and my teen will only be missing four days of school - as we are away over the bank holiday weekend. We saved a lot of money by going during term-time and at the beginning of the holiday season.

We also shopped around with our flight times too, by booking an 8pm flight home instead of a 10am one we saved a further £300 and it also means we get an extra half a day in Majorca too. We managed to get a free child place by booking our holiday a year in advance, which again saved us around £500 and helped cut the cost of our holiday.

As we are going all inclusive we don't need a lot of spending money as all of our food, drink and entertainment is provided as we are going to a hotel with an onsite splash park that is close to the beach. We do still need to get some Euros though as we will probably have the odd meal and day trip out.  However due to an unexpected bill last month I have had to dip into our holiday fund and have been frantically trying to save like mad to build it back up. I have tried selling unwanted items on eBay and local selling sights but I am not making much money if truth be told. It is times like this when payday loans can help until the end of the month.  As I am counting down the days until payday at the moment and praying the Euro exchange rate does not drop further.

Thankfully we have most of our holiday clothes as I have been buying bits each week for us and we saved a fortune by shopping in cheaper shops such as Primark and Asda. Beach towels are just £4 in Primark and Asda has some lovely holiday pieces in that are really reasonably priced for both adults and children. I just need to try and find the time to sort and pack all of our belongings, thankfully we have a generous 22kg luggage allowance per person with Jet2. If I can tear myself away from TripAdvisor reviews of my hotel - so far so good and checking the weather forecast in Spain that is.

If you are heading off on holiday soon check out these tips on what to prepare and pack with kids from Playdays and Runways. 

How do you manage to save money on your family holidays? I would love to know in the comments below as I fancy somewhere special for our family honeymoon next year. 

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  1. I must admit we're not as savvy as you when it comes to holidays. However, although we don't save for holidays I do like to try and keep our costs down. We looked at car hire for a road trip we did last year and we wanted to pick up at one airport and drop it off at another. However the price was 4 times the cost of pickup/drop-off at the same airport so we opted for that and chose the long drive instead. We also book things separately and use AirBnB alot as we need separate bedrooms and that helps us in terms of costs x

    1. I never think to book things on their own, thanks for the tip x

  2. It can be so exciting saving for a holiday! We tend to cut back on meals out and luxury items on the run up to a holiday :)

    1. I want to book another one now we are home lol x


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