Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Ten Fun Ideas To Get The Whole Family Active

This year I am aiming to be more healthier and I am hoping to encourage my family to lead a healthier lifestyle too. I am eating a much healthier diet and have been checking food and drink labels to try and cut down the amount of sugar we consume. I also want us to get more active and what better way then doing fun activities together as a family. I have been thinking of things we can do to get more active and here is what I have come up with, with a little help from some other bloggers.

Outdoor pool and pastel coloured beach huts at Berwick, Northumberland

1.) Swimming. A pretty obvious one but swimming is so much fun, good for you, great for spending time together as a family and is something the children adore doing. We don't go swimming very often as a family but this year I am going to make more of an effort to take my children. 

2..) Scootering My little two love going out on the scooters and in the summer we often go for walks and the children take their scooters and race along the cycle tracks near where we live. Now they are a little older I plan on doing this more often and maybe going on longer scooter rides with them. 

3.) Wave Jumping. Living on the North East coast we have so many lovely beaches right on our doorstep and we regularly visit the coast. Cat from www.rockandrollpussycat.co.uk enjoys wave jumping with her son, which is something my own children enjoy too. 

4.) Chase Bubbles. Helena from www.babyfoote.com enjoys blowing bubbles outdoors on windy days in an open space with her children. This is so much fun and something myself and my children spent hours doing last summer. 

5.) Ice Skating. With Dancing On Ice on TV and the cold, icy weather my children have been asking to go Ice Skating. We have an Ice rink not far from where we live in Whitley Bay and I keep meaning to take my children, although I am not at all confident as the hired skates hurt my feet. I think I need to buy myself some from skatehut

6.) Go on a Treasure Hunt. Kate from Ever After With Kids makes a list of things her children need to find such as a red door, a dog etc. While Jemma from Have Kids Will Travel UK makes a homemade map and brings some chocolate coins or fake jewels for her children to find at the end of the trail. 

7.) Hide & Find Painted Rocks. Leanne from A Slice Of My Life Wales says decorating rocks and hiding them in your local area is so much fun, and it gets you outdoors in the fresh air hunting for them. Last summer we had Tyneside Rocks here in Newcastle and my daughter loved finding some when we were out and about. 

8.) Go On A Nature Walk. Stop and listen and look at the sights and sounds around you says Jo from Cup Of Toast. Sam from North East Family Fun encourages her children to go on walks by asking them to walk like something such as a pirate, ghost or elephant. 

9.) Yoga. Carly from www.mummyandthechunks.com says that on cold and wet days she does online yoga videos with her children. They recently did a Moana one where the video tells the story through the different stretches and moves and her children loved it.

10.) Visit The Park. My children love nothing better than visiting the park, running around in the fresh air and whizzing down the slides.

What activities do you enjoy doing as a family? 

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  1. Some great ideas there. Its been harder to get out in the cold so will have to make an effort

    1. I know how you feel Alison, it seems to have rained so much lately too x


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