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Tips For Making Your Home Ready To Sell

It has been exactly a year since we moved home now and the past year has flown over so quickly that it doesn't seem so long ago since we moved. We all love our current home and moving was the best thing that we have done, we have a much bigger home, in a nicer area and it is really close to the local primary school the children attend. Even though we have been here a year now and still have so much to do in our new home we felt settled and 'at home' within days of moving here. I truly feel that this is our forever, family home that our children will grow up in. 

As we only moved a year ago the whole moving experience is still fresh in my mind and it was such a stressful time as we faced so many problems and setbacks along the way. One thing that you can do though to minimise stress and make things more straightforward is to get your home ready to sell before you start the moving process. Getting your home ready will make it much more appealing to prospective buyers and will hopefully mean you might sell a lot quicker and using an online estate agent such as hatched could also save you a lot of money too. 

I asked some fellow parent bloggers for their tips on getting their homes ready to sell and this is what they suggested. 

  • Give everywhere a lick of paint to enhance, if time/ money are not on your side just try to 'Jazz up' your worst room. - Beth
  • Keep everything neutral, you want people to be able to imagine themselves living there and what they would do to make it into their home. It is harder for people to do that if they're distracted by bold colours and patterns. - Laura
  • If you can de-clutter and put things in storage to make the place look more minimalistic then I highly recommend it. People want to envisage their own stamp on things and it's much easier to do if you strip it back.  - Sophie
  • Box up all the toys, put fresh flowers everywhere and buy a new doormat - Jemma from
  • Use the Konmarie method to sort your house BEFORE taking any photographs. Making things look neater and tidier and overall more spacious by having less unnecessary items out and about. - Sophia
  • Move furniture an extra inch away from the walls to create the impression of it being really spacious. - Hollie
  • Make sure the rooms look like what you are selling them to be. For example, if it is a dining room make sure you have a table and chairs in there. - Debbie
  • Stage your rooms to look clean and uncluttered, but make sure they looked lived in. No-One likes to see a bare room, they like to be able to imagine living there. - Angela

When having viewings it is also good to remember these tips too.

  • Don't have anything too personal on display, buyers need to imagine putting their own stamp on somewhere - Erica
  • Don't use any strong smelling cleaning products just before someone comes as it may look like you are trying to hide something. - Jessica
These are some great tips and I wish that I had implemented some of these when we moved. Do you have any tips for getting your home ready to sell, if so I would love to know in the comments below?

Disclosure This is a collaborative post.  


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  1. Great tips here. I would like to move in a few years and I think if we do, we should be planning lots of jobs things like this so we could sell up faster :)


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