Friday, 27 October 2017

Getting Organised For Winter Time

Now that October is coming to an end the weather is getting colder and the nights darker it is really starting to feel like winter is coming. I love winter time as it means that Christmas is on its way! I am actually feeling rather organised this year for Christmas as we have about half of the children's gifts in and we have also made a start on our families gifts too. We have some festive family outings planned and we have even ordered our turkey from the local butchers for Christmas day lunch. 

Now that my thoughts are turning to Christmas I also want to get our house in order for Christmas as I need to de-clutter and get organised for the fast-approaching holiday season. As you can imagine having three children means that we have a lot of stuff, mainly toys and I desperately need to sort and organise these before Santa delivers even more toys on Christmas day. 


We are quite lucky that we live in a spacious three-bedroom semi that has lots of storage downstairs in the utility room. We also have a big shed in the back garden that we can store things, mainly garden toys. However we don't have a garage and this is something that we would really like, as it would be more secure and spacious than the old damp shed we currently have. 

We have a side garden at the side of our house and eventually, we would love to extend the house out and add a garage and extra bedroom onto the side of the house. This is something that we really could not afford at the moment, then I came across Single Apex styled garages which would be a much cheaper option than an extension. Lidget Compton is the largest and leading company to provide concrete garages all over the UK. Their product range has been designed to be the most flexible available to ensure it suits all your needs. Not only would it be somewhere to park the car it would also be somewhere that we could store bikes and scooters and garden furniture which would free up space in the utility room for toys.

Now I just need to try and find the time and motivation to get on with my big clear out in time for Christmas, which is something I am not really looking forward to. How do you get your house ready for Christmas time, do you have a big clear out to make way for new toys? 

Disclosure This is a collaborative post. 



  1. I am loving how organised you are for Christmas already. I really need to start once the kids go back to school next week. Love the winter evenings when I can light ALL of the candles x

    1. I love candles! They make everything so nice and cosy. I am only organised for my little two, dreading shopping for my teen as they are so difficult to buy for xx


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