Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Getting The Kids In The Kitchen

When I was a child my Mam was always baking and cooking up a storm in the kitchen, she came from a family of bakers and she made everything from scratch. I used to love helping her cook when I was a child, I would help prepare meals and she would always let us make jam tarts with the leftover pasty if she had been making pies and quiches. Some of the happiest memories I have of my mum and my childhood are of baking with her, I used to love helping out and creating yummy treats. 

Now that I am a Mam myself I am so guilty of never really letting the children help with meal times and I very rarely do any baking. Now that my little girl is four she is really starting to want to help in the kitchen and will often ask to help prepare meals, she loves sprinkling cheese on top of pasta dishes or adding chopped vegetables to the pans. I have realised that I really need to let her get involved more and I have been letting her help prepare evening meals and I have promised her we can bake every weekend. 

I am not a very good cook or baker so I often rely on ready-made packets and mixes when I am cooking so I have been looking for some more child-friendly, simple meals that I can cook with my children. I have been searching Pinterest for ideas and pinning them to my boards, I am so bad though and pin stuff and then forget all about it and never get around to making whatever I have pinned. Luckily Worktop Express are in the process of making an ebook with ideas of simple meals to cook with children, which will hopefully give me some inspiration. 

At the weekend we actually baked some brownies which Sophia really enjoyed baking - and eating! She was so happy getting involved and baking that I really need to make more of an effort.  I am actually looking forward to trying out some simple meal ideas from the ebook with her as it is lovely doing something so simple with her. Hopefully, she will grow up and be a much better cook then I am too. 

Do you enjoy cooking with your children? If so what do you enjoy making, let me know in the comments below. 

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  1. It's a wonderful thing to encourage your kids to get involved with cooking at a young age. My best memories are of helping my mum bake pancakes on a Saturday :)

  2. aww this is a lovely post... my favourite memories too growing up were baking with my mum. We use to make rice kripsie cakes yum and she'd let me lick the chocolate bowl after.

  3. My daughter loves cooking with me but I'm not so keen lol. I need to be much calmer when she's helping me as its such a good thing to encourage them to do x

  4. It is lovely to bake with children although I am also guilty of just wanting to get on in the kitchen and not letting the girls help very much. My mum would also let me make jam tarts with leftover pastry - reading about your mum doing the same brought back some happy memories :-)

    1. Jam tarts were the best as a child, especially when they were warm x


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