Sunday, 17 September 2017

Getting The Garden Ready For Winter Time

We have been in our forever family home for almost a year now and the last year seem's to have flown over. Everyone keeps asking us if we are all settled in our home and while we are all so happy here and it has felt like 'home' within days of moving we still have so much to do to make it 'us'. We have decorating to do, the garden to sort out and believe it or not we still have boxes to unpack! 

Now that all of my children are at school and nursery school and I actually have some child-free time I have decided that it is time to tackle the house and garden in the lead-up to Christmas. I am having a huge de-clutter this week to bring a bit more organisation to our home and next week when the other half has a week off work we are planning on sorting our gardens out. 

When we moved into our home an old lady had lived here for over sixty years before us and the house and the gardens are very old-fashioned. We have a lot of the original features from the house being built in the 50's, while that it's quite charming and lovely we have had to make things safer for our young children. 

We have three gardens a front garden full of hedges and rose bushes, a large side garden full of rhubarb and shrubs and a small patio back garden full of ivy. During the summer we have not really done a lot with the garden other than trimming the hedges and cutting the grass and cutting down some huge conifers that were in the garden which our neighbour kindly chopped down with his petrol chainsaw

Having two young children under five we really need to make the garden a safe place for them to play. We are planning on digging up the prickly rose trees and getting rid of tree stumps in the ground. We also need to cordon off the rhubarb patch we have as I have heard the leaves can be poisonous and I don't want the children trampling all over them. 

We also need to get rid of the ivy in the back garden and we seem to have a huge nettle patch behind our shed which we need to tackle too. Next week we are hoping to get the garden all tidied up and neat and tidy ready for winter. Hopefully next spring we will then be able to make it how we want as we are planning on turning the side garden into a play area for the children and the back garden into a family area with new table and chairs so we can have BBQ's and picnics in the summer.  

I think I need to search Pinterest for some garden ideas as I am not at all green-fingered but I really want to make the most of the outdoor space that we have. If anyone has any gardening tips be sure to let me know in the comments below. 

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  1. Good luck with getting your garden all tidied up for the winter. I need to get mine weeded and cleared before winter too :-)


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