Thursday, 24 August 2017

Wedding Planning

Back in June I got engaged and we have decided to get married in June 2019, giving us two years to save and plan for our big day. When we first started thinking about the wedding we really wanted to get married abroad, on a beach somewhere like Mexico with close family. However, we realised that not everyone we wanted to be there would be able to afford to travel so far, which put a stop to our plans. 

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We have spent the last few months thinking about what kind of a day we want and I have been scouring Pinterest and wedding magazines for inspiration. As both myself and my partner are from big extended families - (my mum was one of eight and my dad one of five) meaning we have lots of aunts, uncles and cousins - who now have partners and families of their own, we will be having a fairly big guest list. 

Finding a venue that is big enough, whilst still being nice and not costing a fortune is hard work! After seeing a marquee wedding in a magazine I have started thinking of having my own wedding in a huge marquee in the Northumberland countryside (which is where I was born and grew up). I love the idea of having a blank canvas to create a day that reflects us, whilst being in a beautiful setting.  

I would have a main marque with room for a dance floor and disco, enough room for over a hundred guests to sit and enjoy a meal. I really like the idea of having a BBQ or hog roast for the meal, with candy floss or ice cream carts for dessert. I would have lots of entertainment such as a disco for the night time, a magician to wow the guests, a caricaturist to create mementoes and maybe even a little children's area with a soft play and babysitters. 

Of course having so much going on I would get some signs made up to direct people where to go,  such as where the toilets were or the car park and even a first aid sign just in case of any accidents. We want a fairly relaxed, informal day and the last thing I want to be doing is telling people where to go or running around after people. 

We also want lots of photos of the day and I really like the idea of hiring a videographer too, as I think it will be amazing to look back on the day. 

I think that ultimately we want a fairly laid-back, chilled out day that our children will enjoy as much as we do. We have already had silly arguments about the guest list and colour schemes (he wanted blue and I wanted cream) and it has made us realise that our wedding day should be a day of celebration with our friends and family. I want to create a day that people remember for the right reasons, for being full of fun and laughter and memories that will last a lifetime. 

If you are married what kind of a big day did you have? I would love to know in the comments below.

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  1. Congratulations! Good luck and enjoy all the planning! Remember to focus on what you want not on others, it is YOUR big day!


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