Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Planning A Home Office

I have been blogging now for three years and I will be honest and say that it has been challenging, as I have been bringing up my three young children in that time too. My blog has very much been a hobby all of these years, which I have been lucky enough to earn a small income from. However, thing's are about to change soon as my daughter is off to school and my son is off to nursery school, meaning for the first time since I started this blog I will have proper childfree time to dedicate to it. 

I have so many plans, not only for this blog but also for expanding and hopefully setting up a proper business over the next year. The plan is to be in a position to be fully self-employed by this time next year. Now I know if I am to achieve that I need to start acting more professional, sitting with my laptop, on the sofa in my pj's, watching TV (which I am doing right now) is not the right way to do things. 

I have decided that I need a home office, somewhere where I can keep everything organised - away from the children. Where I can set up a proper desktop computer and store all my paperwork in order and somewhere I can shut myself off from the chaos of the family home. I am lucky that we moved nine months ago, into a larger family home and we have quite a large utility room that we don't actually use. 

I have been thinking of turning the utility room into a home office, whilst searching online I came across Office Principles who have inspired me to convert the utility room into a home office. I am thinking of having clean white walls and a large desk area with lots of storage for paperwork and to keep things organised. 

At the moment I am so disorganised as I have all of my work things scattered all over the house, hopefully by having a dedicated work space, I will be a lot more organised as everything will be in one place. I think I will also find it better to stick to 'office hours' having a home office as I often find I work late into the night at the moment. I think having a dedicated work space and being more organised is also going to make me much more productive too. 

Now that I have decided to take the leap and create a home office I am looking forward to seeing it all come together, I will be sure to let you all know how I got on creating my office space once it is all set up in a few months. 

Do you have a home office?

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  1. I have a corner in the spare bedroom which is my office and it is really untidy. Looking forward to seeing how your plans progress

  2. I would love a home office, but sadly we don't have the space. It looks like I'll be stuck in my little corner of the living room with my laptop on my knee forever! :)

    Louise x


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