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Dieting As A Mum

I have never been slim, I have always been a bit overweight and I have been on and off diets non-stop for most of my adult life. However, since having my son almost three years ago I have become so unhappy with my weight and I am finding it so hard to lose weight. I seem to be in some kind of vicious circle of losing weight and then I decide to 'treat' myself for losing weight by having a Chinese take away and before you know I have a 'treat day' of a bar of chocolate, four bags of crisps and a Mcdonald's and by the end of the week I have gained all the weight I had lost in the first place. 

Regular readers will know I have joined Slimming World at least four times in the last two years, and while the plan does work I never stick to it. This got me thinking that trying to lose weight when you're a  mum is hard work and here are my reasons why. 

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1.) Can't attend group

The number one reason that I always fail at Slimming World is because I can never attend group every week. I know thousands of parents do manage it, but for me personally, it was impossible. My partner works shifts so I never know when he is working to attend a group, we also have no help with childcare at all. As for taking my children to a group, forget it as they would just run riot like wild animals.

2.) The treat cupboard

When you're a mum no matter how well you plan meals and intend to be healthy the treat cupboard will always call your name. As a mum it is inevitable you will have a stock pile of crisps, biscuits, cakes and sweets stashed away for your children. Unless you are a clean eating family who only let your children snack on chia seed smoothies and hummus and carrot sticks, but to be honest if you only feed your family that kind of snacks you're unlikely to be overweight in the first place. 

3.) Leftovers

How many times have you cooked your child a meal and they have left it or refused what you have made them so you eat it your self? Or you are putting their tea out and you accidentally eat a potato waffle (which I don't even like) and four chicken dippers without realising? Surely I am not the only one. 

4.) Treat at the end of a stressful day

Some days being a parent is bloody hard work, with fighting, tantrums, whinging and little people destroying the house whilst demanding you watch Peppa Pig for the 100th time that day. Some days it drives me insane and when they are in bed and I have peace and quiet I love nothing better than a treat for surviving the day. Most people have a glass of wine, but having a little boy who wakes up at 5 am every. single. day means that is not a good idea to drown my sorrows and is much more convenient to reward myself with a bag or two of ready salted hula hoops and a bar of galaxy.

5.) You don't have time to eat

Having two children just 14 months apart meant that in the early days I did not get two seconds to myself and had no time to make a meal and eat it. I would eat on the go instead, grabbing quick and convenient foods like crisps, biscuits and toast that I could eat whilst feeding the baby or playing with my then toddler.

6.) Family day's out

Dieting on a family day out is torture, in the past, I have gone for healthy options and sat at the beach eating a subway salad whilst everyone else tucked into fish and chips. This doesn't happen very often though and if everyone is eating chips at the beach, ice creams at the park and candy floss at the fair the chances are I will be too. 

7.) Going to the gym is impossible

Years ago when my eldest was younger I would go to the gym three times a week when she was at nursery, it didn't last long. When I was going I felt amazing and super healthy, however finding the time to go to the gym is impossible. I have no childcare and have a child with me nonstop and when the other half is off work I would rather be sleeping or out having fun as a family then attempting to run on a treadmill. To be honest, though I am a 30 odd-year-old, overweight mum who would rather stick pins in my eyes then work out in a gym full of skinny people in Lycra whilst I nearly kill myself on a treadmill. 

8.) Coffee and cake at soft play

Us mums might moan about soft play and I too hate it while I am there, however, I love the fact it wears my children out and gives me five minutes peace. Now my children are older I can drink a frothy coffee in peace with a cake, which is a must at soft play. Every play date involving small children seems to revolve around coffee and cake.

9.) My children feed me sweets

O.k this one is technically a lie as my children normally try and feed me half chewed up food but whenever they end up with sweets they normally give me (OK I steal) one or two and it would be rude to say no.

10.) I can't be bothered to cook

Somedays tea time rolls around and I just can't be bothered to cook. If we have been out or the kids are being feral it is often easier just to send my eldest to the chippy at the bottom of the street or order a takeaway. The best bit is there is no washing up to do afterwards, bonus! 

So those are the reasons I never lose weight as a Mam. Obviously, I have a holiday booked and I need to fit into a wedding dress so if you have any weight loss tips let me know! Or if your a struggling dieter too let me know what stops you losing weight. 



  1. I am the same when it comes to dieting, ooh I've lost a few pounds, time for a treat, oh and a cake, oh why not a biscuit too 🙄 I've just downloaded an app to monitor my calorie intake no matter what I eat, and it makes you think twice about what goes in, which I suppose is the point, try that out it might help! (I use MyFitnessPal)

    1. Haha at least it is not just me! Oh I will download that thank you xx

  2. Yes to all of this but especially it's the never ending need to be a dustbin and eat the leftovers which gets me every single time!

    1. At least it is not just me that does that lol xx

  3. Oh man, so many of these apply to me - it is so, so hard to break the cycle sometimes!!

  4. Accidentally eating the kids tea while putting it out. I am guilty of that lol.

    1. I am so bad for it, I now put extra in the oven just so I can pinch some. I am shocking!

  5. I'd say alcohol too, it's so high in calories. Wine o'clock, or the increasingly popular gin o'clock, is a serious, but also standard line among parents, writers and bloggers.

    1. I can't seem to make myself like Gin, I must be the only one who doesn't like it xx

  6. I am extremely lucky that I have regained my pre baby weight 3 times but my muscle tone is a disaster :( I am a vegetarian with a wheat allergy so this stops me picking up the leftovers!

  7. I am terrible at eating Lucas' left overs, I hate to see them wasted

  8. I have sent my mum to slimming world so I can borrow all her bumf as I just don't have time!

  9. I completely empathise with you. I struggle all the time with this issue. This week I've felt so tired as the kids haven't slept well with the warm nights and it's made me want to eat everything going


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