Sunday, 4 June 2017

Choosing A New Family Car

The last few years have seen so many changes for our family, we had two children very close in age which meant that I had back to back maternity leave, and I ended up leaving my full-time job to become a stay at home mum. The other half completely changed his job and has spent the last few years working his way back up the career ladder in a totally different sector, resulting in a huge drop in our disposable income. Add into that the fact we recently moved into a bigger, family home which needs a lot of work done to it has meant that things like holiday's and new cars have been at the bottom of our list of priorities. 

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However things are starting to improve again, the other half's earning levels have improved and I am now making a part-time income from this blog. The house still needs a lot of work done to it but other than paying for our house we don't have any outstanding debts and we are in a much better financial position than we have been. Now that we are in a better financial position we are planning on booking a family holiday to Majorca in the next few days, we have also been looking at getting married in the next two years and we also want to get a new family car in the next few months. 

As a family of five, we really need a car that is big enough to fit all five of us in, especially as two of the children are still in car seats - which take up a lot of room. I hold my hands up and admit that when it comes to car's I am totally clueless, anything car related is left up to my dad to sort out as he is a mechanic who worked for a well-known car breakdown service for over 30 years. He is car crazy and goes to Le Mans in France every year, reads car magazines and offers to fix friends and family cars in his spare time. 

However I know that not everyone is lucky enough to have a car expert in there family and that they can really struggle to decide which is the safest car for their family. That is why hepful articles like this interactive car safety guide from Acident Advice can be really useful when looking at a new car. As a parent finding a car that is safe for my children is my number one priority these days as I want to keep them as safe as I can. The only hard part now is deciding what car to pick, if you have a larger family which car do you recommend? 

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  1. We have a Ford galaxy. Great car and it's done many road trips. Can fit 3 child seats in the middle and the back seats (which we hardly use) can fit an adult in them! Perfect ☺ xx

    1. Oh I will have to check that model out, In the Audi we can fit the two car seats but there is no room in the middle for my teen to sit as she is so squashed. xx

  2. We have a Ford Galaxy which we bought last year. Fab car for fitting 3 car seats in the back plus 2 more seats or room for our dog in the boot with room for luggage

    1. You are the second person who has recommended a Galaxy, I think I will have to check them out xx


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