Thursday, 25 May 2017

Sophia You Are Four

Dear Sophia

Today you are four years old and I thought I would write you a letter just like I did on your first, second and third birthdays. This year you have been through some big changes which you have taken in your stride and you have also changed so much over the last year too. You make us laugh every single day and you are so sweet and caring which melts my heart, you are also very stubborn and you still have your wild streak - which I hope you never lose.

This past year you started nursery school at the local primary school, you loved it from day one and settled in straight away. You look so grown-up in your little uniform and so like your big sister who used to attend the same nursery school when she was little too. You also attend a speech school two full days a week, to help with your speech delay ready for starting big school in September. You love attending the speech school as it is such a small class and you love getting attention. I think you are now more than ready to start reception in September, even though you are one of the youngest in your year you have heaps of confidence and always volunteer first for everything.

Another big change this past year was that we moved house, I was so worried how you would react but you took it all in your stride and settled in straight away. It is like you have always lived here and you love your new bedroom and running around in the garden with your little brother.

The past year you and your brother Jacob have become the best of friends, you fight nonstop but you are starting to play together now and the two of you chatter away nonstop. You are so protective of him and always try and look after him and chase him when he runs away - something he does often. You still adore your big sister Chloe and love when she spends time with you, although she mainly takes selfies on snapchat with you.

You are still a total daddy's girl and you will often stay awake in your bed until you hear him get home from work just so you can get a cuddle goodnight. You also adore animals and all you wanted for your birthday was a pet mouse called Minnie, your daddy wouldn't let me get you one as we have a cat, but maybe I will talk him around to getting you one when you are older. You got a scooter and a hatching chick instead and we are going to build-a-bear today to get you a teddy bear.

We went away to a caravan a few weeks ago and you loved it so much and had the best time ever! You were straight on the dance floor at the disco each night, you really love dancing. You also loved going swimming every day, although you don't like the deep end. You still love Disney princesses and Sofia the first is still a firm favourite, you also love Shimmer and Shine, Paw Patrol, Blaze and PJ Masks. You still love playing with little tiny toys like Happyland people, Tsum Tsums and your paw patrol toys.

You are getting much better with your eating now too, we found out your food problems were down to pica and you have very low iron levels. You favourite foods are fish and chips, pizza, pasta, chicken nuggets and any kind of roast meats. We also found out you have something called Reflex anoxic seizures which means when you bump your head you stop breathing and your heart stops beating for a little while, so we are extra careful with you.

Every single day you make us super proud as you are learning new words every day. You are also so caring and like a little ray of sunshine to be around as you are always smiling and laughing. Everything is an adventure to you and you love being out and about visiting new places and having fun. I hope you have a wonderful day today and like all your presents, you had your party on Saturday which you enjoyed ever so much. 

Happy birthday, Sophia, I can't wait to see what adventures you have when you are four. 

Lots of love 

Mammy xxxx


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