Friday, 26 May 2017

New Furniture Plans

When we moved house last year from a small two-bed terrace into a large three-bed semi, not only did we have a lot more space but we also realised we needed new furniture for the new house too. So far we have only brought a new bed for our 4-year-old, furniture wise. We have been concentrating on getting everywhere decorated and new blinds and curtains before we replace the furniture. Now that the rooms are starting to slowly take shape I have been thinking about what I want to buy for the house.

We don't really need a lot for the upstairs of the house just some new wardrobes and storage for the children's rooms which we will get when we redecorate their bedroom later in the year. Downstairs I want everything new though. I really want new sofas as the ones we have are not really my taste, we were kindly given them a few years ago as our old leather one was looking a bit tatty. I am trying to wait a few years until my children are a bit bigger before replacing them though as I don't want sticky finger prints everywhere. 

We also really need a new dining table as the one we have only sits four and obviously, we are a family of five. At the moment we sit the youngest in his Stokke Trip Trapp chair at the bottom of the table, but as he grows I want him to have a proper place at the table. We have a large lounge / dining area combined so fitting a larger table in won't be a problem, however, as it will be on view I want something that looks nice and is great quality. I came across whilst searching online which is full of useful advice and deals when buying larger household items. 

As we have a utility room I also really want a bigger American style fridge / freezer, the one we have is about ten years old now and we never seem to have enough room in it. I also really want a new tumble dryer as the one we had broke and I have not gotten around to buying a new one yet, I really should do as the amount of washing we have is ridiculous, it is never-ending. 

Taking of never-ending, sorting a house out is never ending too isn't it? Every time we tick something off the list that we have done with the house we end up adding another two things that need doing. We have decorating to do, buying new furniture and then we need to make a start on the garden. I am actually enjoying turning our house into a home through and seeing it take shape. 

Are you planning on buying any new furniture for your home this year? 

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  1. Sorting a house out is definitely never ending. We have been in our house for 16 years, and there is always something to do. New sofas are next on our list to replace x

    1. I really want new sofas as mine are rather old fashioned, however I am putting it off until the children are bigger and less messy xx


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