Thursday, 18 May 2017

Memorable Experience Ideas For The Whole Family This Fathers Day

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On Fathers day, we can often feel stumped by the overwhelming amount of possibilities on offer. From picnics in the park to go-karting, making the right choice for this special day is vital. This can be achieved ensuring all family members involved can get the most out of the occasion. If you're planning on spending the day with three generations of the family and multiples fathers on the scene, then take the time to consider the varying ages and suitability of activities. For example, an 80-year-old dad will usually have completely different tastes to young children or accompanying mothers when it comes to choosing how they'd prefer to spend the afternoon. It is for this reason a compromise must be struck between all parties involved.

flying lesson

More general activities such as an afternoon in the park or a trip to the cinema would please most of the members of the group (assuming you can all agree on the film!). However, if you're looking to make this Father's Day the most memorable and unique then you'll have to start looking for something more unique. Activities like flying experiences are ones which present the opportunity of excitement for all. Any children will find this experience beyond thrilling, while adults will be in awe of the beauty of the countryside sweeping by. Is there a better way to spend with fathers and family then peacefully gliding over the earth enjoying each others company? The great thing is there are many different flying experiences you can select to suit your father's needs from vintage flying to Aerobatic flights. You'd be hard-pressed to find a more enjoyable and rewarding activity than this. Still, there are plenty of others which deserve an honourable mention. 

For those who fathers are big sporting fans, an afternoon watching their favourite football or rugby team followed by some hearty grub will without doubt help to reinforce the father-son-bonds. Thrill seekers may prefer to spend the special day climbing, test driving cars or riding roller-coasters. Any food and drink lovers would obviously prefer to spend the day dining on fine cuisines or sampling prestigious wines. For the academic father, a slow and steady afternoon strolling through art galleries and museums may prove to be the most appealing way in which to spend the day. All these possibilities are some of the more popular options available but always plan and consider well before jumping at the first opportunity that presents itself. 

wine tasting

Regardless of the preference, remember that focusing on dad's interests and hobbies will help guide you to the most fitting activity for the day. The idea is to give our dads the most memorable day we can. Yet, remember to contemplate the suitability of the activities for all family members to ensure a day of happiness and appreciation can be shared by all. 



  1. We went for Lego last year :) panic, what can I get this year!!!

  2. i think my dad would much rather keep his feet on the ground, wine tasting would float his boat though

    1. I think my dad would like both ideas, I am not keen on flying myself though xx


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