Monday, 22 May 2017

A Little Home Update

Late last year we moved home into a 1950's semi-detached house, which will hopefully be our forever family home. However, as our new house is fairly old it does need a lot of work done to it to make it how we want, we have so many plans and want to hopefully add an extension and loft conversion in the future. For now, though we are just making the house more 'us' decorating the rooms one by one and getting new furniture and accessories.


We have recently made a start on sorting the bathroom out and have just had a new mixer shower fitted over the bath so I now want the bathroom all tiled. As we have a white bathroom suite and black flooring we are going to stick to a monochrome colour scheme for the bathroom with white tiles on the wall. However, both myself and the other half are total disasters when it comes to any kind of DIY. I much prefer paying someone to do jobs around the house for us as it so much less hassle so I think we will hire a tiler to do the work for us. 

After we have the bathroom all sorted I want to get new furniture for my teen's bedroom, get a new carpet for my bedroom and then redecorate the children's room. Hopefully, we have all of the upstairs of the house how we want it in the next few months and then we can move onto the downstairs which we have not touched since moving in, other than getting laminate flooring fitted and new blinds. We have a large living room/ dining room combined which at the moment is just all white but I want to make it cosier and organised as at the moment we have too many of the children's toys dotted around. 

We eventually want to knock the wall between our kitchen and utility room through and create a large family kitchen area. However, for now, we just want to redecorate the kitchen and get new flooring fitted as we have patterned lino at the moment which I am not a fan of. We also have the gardens to sort out which I am not looking forward to as we have three, a one at the front which is surrounded by hedges and rose bushes, a big side garden and then a paved back garden. If anyone has any gardening ideas then let me know as gardening really is not my thing. 

So that is where we are at with the house, we have so much to do and it is costing us so much money but I am sure that it will all be worth it when we finally have our home how we want it. Now that I have written this down I have realised that I don't actually have any photos of our new home, just snippets of it with the children in so I will have to take some soon.

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  1. Ooh I can't wait to see some photos! We've just started to renovate our new house so we're in I similar boat to you - we also want to knock a wall down! So your photos will inspire me :) xx

    1. How exciting, we want to knock the kitchen and utility through to make one big kitchen, dreading how expensive it will be. xx

  2. oh its never ending isnt it? I love getting jobs done at home and enjoying the final result but hate all the mess. xx

    1. I am exactly the same I hate the mess, I think thats why I am putting off decorating everywhere xx


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