Saturday, 29 April 2017

Being A Bad Blogger & Changing Direction

I have only just realised that I have now been blogging for three years, even though I have been blogging for such a long time now I still feel like such a novice blogger with so much still to learn. When I started this blog back in March 2014 it was to record my pregnancy with my now 2-year-old and days out with my girls. It was something to do while I was bored on back to back maternity leave - my children were born so close together I did not have time to return to work before starting my next lot of maternity leave. I had no idea what I was doing but I loved just writing for me as no one actually read my posts, which in hindsight is good as my blog looked horrific back then!

I would only blog once, maybe twice a week but I really enjoyed it, writing pregnancy updates or days out we had been on. I used to spend so much time on social media getting to know other bloggers and I loved nothing more than scrolling through bloglovin on an evening reading my favourite blogs. Then life got in the way, I had Jacob and I found life as a mum of three tough. I suffered really badly from PND and anxiety and I lost my way in life for a while. 

Around this time my blog was starting to get noticed, I was getting offered products to review and sponsored posts and what little free time I had to blog was taking up writing reviews and sponsored posts. Over the last two years, my blog has become a bit like the Argos catalogue, lots of reviews and sponsored posts one after the other as I didn't have the time to write anything else. Writing reviews felt safer as it wasn't about us, it was about a product and I struggled to put myself out there so to speak. 

I steered clear of Instagram as I did not want photos of my children visible on social media where anyone could see them. I stopped going on social media as often as I just couldn't face it. I rarely read and commented on anyone's blogs anymore or replied to comments on my own blog. I feel behind with work and had an outstanding review list as long as my arm just before Christmas, due to moving house and having a child who still does not sleep. I have also become a rubbish friend who never keeps in touch with anyone or replies to messages, I regret that as I have made some amazing blogging friends. 

At Christmas things just came to a head and I seriously considered closing my blog down as I was not enjoying it anymore. I was feeling stressed as I had so many outstanding reviews and I was sick of writing sponsored content and never having any time to write about what I wanted or fix little things on my blog.The last few months have seen me post a lot less frequently than I was last year and I am feeling a lot more positive about blogging now and know what kind of direction I want to take my blog in from now on. 

I know that I am so very lucky to be in a position to be home with my children while they are so young, but they are growing fast. Sophia is off to school in September and Jacob will be starting school the year after, I am meant to return to work when he goes to school and I don't want to. I used to be a full time working mam and it was so hard, I hated having to pay a childminder to collect my eldest from school and miss out on sports days, plays and parents evenings due to work. I want to be there for all of that with my little two if I can, hopefully with some hard work I can do that through blogging. 

I have decided that it is time I started taking this blog more seriously, to turn it into a business and see what happens. I know that it will be hard work but I am going to turn this blog into something I am proud of and make it a success. I am getting organised and planning on being more active on social media and getting into good blogging habits again. I am also planning on getting a freelance website up and running to work as a social media manager in the future, which I am luckily being coached on at the moment. I even have plans to set up a separate blog later in the year too which I am looking forward too. 

Thing's are going to change around here, hopefully, you will think for the better. I will be blogging every day Monday to Friday and I will be covering more of the things that are popular with you all. I might be classed as a 'parenting blog ' but I am not a childcare expert, so I won't be posting traditional parenting subjects on potty training or getting your child to sleep, as thats just not me at all. I am not a parenting expert and even though I have been a parent for over 14 years now I am just whinging it, every single day. Plus every child and family is different and what works for us probably won't work for someone else.

As my blog name is Newcastle Family Life thats is what i am going to focus on from now on, I have spent weeks checking what people search for on my blog and what posts are popular and I have now decided that is what I will be blogging about. So expect a lot of pre-school friendly days out in the north east, family days out and things to do with teens in Newcastle. Also places to eat with young children and for date nights in Newcastle too. I will still be doing my weekly Other Bloggers Family Lives feature and posting a weekly review but I will now be posting weekly recipes again as the ones I used to post have done amazing on Pinterest. I will also be posting more of 'our famiy life' as thats the reason I started this blog in the first place, somewhere my children can look back oneday and see what we done and what they were like when they were little.

 I don't have a mum anymore as she died when I was 21 and there is so much I don't know about her, recipes that she made us when we were small that I can't ask her for or what her favourite colour was. I can't ask about days out or holidays that I remember from my childhood, I just have a few photos to remind me. Hopefully, by writing this blog my children will know these things about me and our life together when they were younger, as it will all be written down here for them to read someday. That is why I blog and I need to remember that, it is time to stop being a bad blogger letting work pile up and being disoragnised and getting stressed out. I need to get into good habits to make this blog a succes, create everlasting memories for my children and create a business that enables me to stay at home and work around my children so I can be there for them. 

It is time to stop being a bad blogger and start being a blogger who takes pride in their work.

Wish me luck and I hope that you like the new direction that this blog goes in.



  1. Wishing you the best of luck! It sounds like you have the motivation and some wonderful ideas xx

    1. Thank you so much Kim, I just wish I had your dedication and could post daily xx

  2. Creating a schedule and sticking by it really works for me. Doesn't matter how busy I am I follow it.

    1. I think this is what I need to do, I need to be more productive with my time and plan more x

  3. Good luck and well done for writing this. I too started my blog as a bit of fun but have quickly realised that I need to take it seriously. I am trying to come up with some realistic goals to achieve by my 1 year birthday in September and then plan for further ahead.

    1. Thank you so much. Just have fun with your blog, my biggest regret is losing the reason why I started blogging in the first place xx


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