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Surprising Thing's That Happen After You Have A Baby

When I started this blog, over two years ago now it started off as a pregnancy blog. I started it simply to record my third pregnancy, so I could remember and look back on my pregnancy someday, but also because I know when your pregnant you love reading about other people's pregnancies too. I would devour every pregnancy book and magazine I could find in my first and second pregnancy and loved watching TV shows such as One Born Every Minutes. I felt like I knew all about pregnancy, what to expect at each stage, tips for staying comfortable and what to buy etc. No one really tells you what to expect after you have the baby though, celebrities seem to ping back in shape in a matter of days and looking online and in magazines, you get the impression everything goes back to normal straight away. 

After going through three pregnancies myself I know that is not the case at all as after each of my pregnancies things changed with my body that no-one told me about. With my first I was devastated I still looked pregnant for a few days after she was born, I had expected my bump to disappear the second my baby was born. With my second and third I had no idea my hair would fall out in big chunks every single day, even now 2 years later my hair has still not fully recovered and is much thinner than it was before. At one point I actually had a big bald patch which I was really self-conscious of as it was really noticeable even when I tried to hide it. 

I am not alone in being surprised with the sudden hair loss either as nomipalony also suffered from it too, she told me "So much of my hair started falling out after 4 months that I thought I might go bald! Huge big chunks of it, my carpet and baths were covered in it. Every time I put a brush through my hair it was covered in it." 

 After speaking to other parents I also realised that so many changes happen after we have babies that we really don't expect. From ending up with boobs to rival Pamela Anderson which life with boys reminded me of to them leaking when you bend over which North East family fun mentioned. Beth from Twinderelmo learnt that you bleed after a c-section, which she thought you would not, I never knew that either. While life-as-mum reminded me of the awful afterpains you get after baby number 3, trust me they are brutal. And Emma and 3 reminds us that we will probably have told everyone our birth stories again and again. 

Kirsten from max and kai found it difficult to walk and bend down which I remember all too well and which Annastasia from hacking parenthood sums up well "Having a baby felt like I had run a marathon 100 times, now I understand why they say no exercise for 6 weeks as your body is physically exhausted." Not that you need to exercise as you lose so much weight in the first few days after birth, as mummy to Dex was amazed to find out "I thought I would lose the weight of my baby plus a few extra pounds for the placenta etc. I lost 2 stone in the space of a week from all the extra water I was carrying." 

Even long after you have had your baby your body is still changing as Leanne from a slice of my life wales has found that some of her pregnancy symptoms haven't fully disappeared a year later. Rachel from coffee cake kids felt flutterings in her tummy like baby kicks long after she had given birth, they were so strong she even brought a pregnancy test just to be sure. Erica from 92three30 is still struggling with the tiredness having a baby brings and remarks she still has not caught up on the lack of sleep 9 years later! Mummy and moose said "You stop being able to watch or read news stories involving children without feeling terrified or crying your eyes out - or both." I am sure most of us parents agree with that. 

Kate from lesbemums remarks that "You will find a strength you never knew that you had" and my boys club ends things perfectly by saying "You forget the pain of childbirth, how else would you ever be able to do it all again." 

So as you can see there are lots of changes that happen to us when we have children, from bald patches to sleepless nights and everything in between. One thing I am sure everyone will agree with though is that it is all worth it to have our children. Did you experience any unexpected after-effects after having children? If so I would love to know in the comments below.

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  1. I lost sooo much hair after both of my boys that I ended up with bald patches, which are still shorter than the rest of my hair even now my youngest as almost 11!

    Stevie x

    1. Oh gosh, that is crazy! I don't think mine will ever be the same again. Totally regret all those times I complained I had long thick hair now that I don't anymore x

  2. I was horrified by how much hair I lost after giving birth. I did know about it but didn't expect to lose quite so much. I remember washing my hair and handfuls falling out - not good.

    1. The same happened to me, I never lost any with my first child so it was a shock when I did second time around xx

  3. Thanks for including us. I'll share it on twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. It took me about a year and a half to grow a fringe back!

  4. I had hair loss and then regrew it. My baby hair is a nightmare. It's little short and spiky bits x


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