Monday, 12 December 2016

Dreaming Of A Last Minute Family Cruise This Winter

We were supposed to be going abroad on holiday this year, however with our recent house move taking a lot longer than we expected we were unable to get away. Lately, with the house move, the children being at school and nursery and the other half working longer shifts since he was recently promoted, it feels like we have had no quality family time. Like most families, the only chance we actually get to spend any quality time together is when we go away somewhere. 

Christmas gifts

Recently I have been so very desperate for some kind of break, the recent house move was so stressful and while we all truly love the new house it still does need some work doing to it to make it truly feel like our home. We still have boxes to unpack, they really do seem never ending and as anyone with young children can relate to the housework is never ending. I just want a break from it all, a chance to relax and unwind and have fun together as a family. As the children and the other half all have time off over the Christmas period getting away between Christmas and new year would be perfect. 

I have been looking at holiday brochures but as it is winter most resorts are now shut for the winter with limited flights. While browsing online I came across Iglu cruise who are the UK's largest independent cruise agents who offer cruise deals from over 3,000 ports with family favourite Disney, Royal Caribbean and Carnival to name just a few. The other half has always wanted to go on a cruise and recently I have been hearing how family friendly and amazing they are for a family holiday. 

Whilst browsing I found that I could fly from Newcastle airport (my local airport) and be exploring Dubai, the Canary islands or the Caribbean with prices a lot more affordable than I could have imagined. I really love the idea of going on a family cruise, getting to see lots of different places all on the one holiday whilst enjoying the onboard experience. I even spied an amazing offer on a family 7 night Christmas cruise to Rome (somewhere I have always wanted to visit) for an amazing price of £2899 on a full board basis. I imagine it would be amazing escaping the stress of Christmas and spending time relaxing with my loved ones. After all, that is what Christmas is all about family and relaxing and not forgetting making magical memories that will last us all a lifetime. I honestly think a festive time cruise would help us achieve this and it would be the perfect Christmas present for this tired mummy.  

Have you been on a cruise before?

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