Thursday, 3 November 2016

Do You Ever Daydream About Winning The Lottery?

We are in the middle of moving - which I am pretty sure everyone is sick to death of hearing about by now! Our new house needs quite a bit of work done to it to turn it into our perfect family home and the reality is that right now we just don't have the funds, as moving home is so expensive. We are just going to give everywhere a lick of paint and make do with how things are for now and then do one room up at a time, once Christmas is out of the way.

feeling lucky

I am so impatient though and I have spent hours on Pinterest searching for home decor ideas and I have a wishlist of new household items that I am dying to buy. However, my decor tastes and my current bank balance don't really see eye to eye at the moment and I think, for now, my wishlist items are firmly on hold. 

My partner will often say that he wishes he could win a little extra cash on the lottery, just enough so that we can do the house up exactly how we want it, buy a new car and maybe have a nice holiday somewhere hot. We have these conversations all of the time, I am sure most couples do. I normally ignore him when he starts talking about this, but with us moving home a nice little windfall would certainly come in useful and would stop me living with a 1950's inspired dark wooden hallway and staircase (I really really hate it). 

My other half often plays the National lottery and the Irish one, when he remembers that is. I recently heard about Lottoland where you can play the Irish lottery, as well as many other lotteries from around the world that you would not normally have the chance of taking part in. Things are a little different though as instead of purchasing a physical ticket like you normally would you instead try and predict the results of the draw online and if you guess correct you will win, simple. The price to take part and the amount you could win are the same but you get that little bit more freedom and choice on which lottery to take part in. You can find out the full details here.  

I think I will have to get my other half to have a go as I am feeling lucky and you never know I might guess right and be able to make my dreams come true and get my new house exactly how I want it. If you won the lottery what would you splash out on? I would love to know in the comments below. 

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