Monday, 21 November 2016

Clever Storage Ideas To Hide The Bath Toys

As I am sure you are all aware by now we have finally moved house, yay! We moved just over a week ago and we still have so many things to unpack, but we are slowly starting to make our new house a home. We really love the new house, it is so much bigger than our previous house and is somewhere that I can see us living in for a long time. I do have a few little niggles with the new house though such as our bathroom and toilet is separate, meaning instead of one big family bathroom we have a small toilet and then a small L-shaped bathroom.


Obviously, as the bathroom is quite small we have nowhere to store things such as toiletries and the children's bath toys. Let's face it there is nothing relaxing about having a nice bubble bath and being surrounded by rubber ducks. Eventually we will probably knock the bathroom and toilet into one to make a big family bathroom and have more space, but for now, I have been looking for some clever storage ideas. 

I came across this video below from Channel 4 Phil Spencer's Perfect Bathroom, all about creating clever storage ideas for your bathroom.

I never even thought about creating storage space in my fixtures, we have a lot of space under the sink that I could turn into some kind of storage unit as I don't want to be adding storage units to the room yet as we just don't have space at the moment. I really love the clever storage ladder that they created as this would be perfect for a small bathroom like mine and is ideal for storing all those bath toys whilst letting them drain into the bath. 

How do you store your children's bath toys? I would love to know in the comments below.

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  1. Fortunately my son has outgrown bath toys but we used to have loads. I got a large plastic box and kept them in that! Glad the move went smoothly


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