Sunday, 16 October 2016

The Stress Of Moving

I bet you are all sick to death of me going on about moving now, it is all that I have gone on about for months. Well, things are still not sorted and I feel like I am living in some kind of weird limbo at the moment. I don't really know what is going on or when we will, in fact, be moving. I never believed people when they said that moving house was one of the most stressful life events, I always thought it was pretty simple. Find a house you like, make an offer and start packing your belongs up to move, then live happily ever after. 

How very very wrong I was! 


I suppose I better start at the very start, I have lived in my current house for a long time. Over 14 years in fact, back when I was pregnant with my eldest Chloe. I lived here with my mum, then I moved out when Chloe was a few months old, only across the road, then I moved back here once my mum died. This house holds so many memories, not just of my mum but it is also all three of my children's first home, the house all three of them took their first steps and experienced their first Christmas in. I am also going to miss the amazing view we have, the photo above is taking out of the bedroom window. 

However, now that we have three children it is just far to small for us as a family. We originally planned to move after we had Sophia, but then I fell pregnant with Jacob and had back to back maternity leave and I could not afford or be bothered to move. Since the start of this year, we have been trying to move but everything was just going wrong. Houses I set my heart on were not meant to be, paperwork took forever to sort and finding a house we both liked was a lot harder than I ever thought that it would be. 

Anyway, back in August the other half found a house that he really liked, it ticked all the boxes we wanted for a house and was in the perfect location, it is right next to what will be my children's primary school when they are older. However, someone else beat us to it and we thought that was the end of that. 

A few weeks passed and then out of the blue we found out that our offer had been accepted, we went through extra checks and passed everything and were told we would be moving in three weeks, we were meant to get the keys last week. Typically we still don't have the keys and we have another few weeks of waiting to complete and sign everything now as the new house needed some repairs done to it. 

I am feeling so scared that something will go wrong and I honestly can not relax until everything is all signed and we have the actual keys in our hands. This whole thing has just been such an emotional rollercoaster and I hate the uncertainty of it all. I don't have a moving date at the moment, it is looking like early November but I am not holding my breath. 

At the moment my house is in chaos as we started packing and we have boxes everywhere, I am finding it so hard to pack as I don't know what to pack as I don't know when we will be moving. I also have no-where to store the boxes so they are just all over the house. I really should use this time to have a good de-clutter and clear out as we have so much stuff stuffed in cupboards that we just do not use. I just can't seem to face it, though, I think I am worried that I will be tempting fate. After how long this move has taken and how many knock backs we have had I just don't want to get my hopes up. It kind of feels like getting the new house has been too easy, I am always expecting it to fall through and be back to square one again. I sincerely hope that does not happen as I don't think I could cope! 

Things are just really strange at the moment, the house is cluttered and full of boxes and it is starting to not feel like home anymore with our belongings packed away. We can't plan anything as we don't know where we will be living or when we will be moving, it feels like life is on hold. I have not even thought about Christmas yet as again I don't know where we will be. 

I am not entirely sure what the point of this post is if I am honest, I suppose just to get everything off my chest as I feel like I am slowly going mad with the way things are at the moment. I feel like I have so much to do yet no idea at all where to start. I have so many thoughts and worries whizzing about in my head, we haven't even got into the full swing of moving yet and already I am stressed to bits about it all. I really do wish that moving was as easy and straightforward as I naively thought that it would be. I have had so many sleepless nights, stressful moments, tears and I am so run down and ill with nonstop bugs and colds from it all. I am sure that all this stress and worry will soon be worth it though when we finally do move and we are in our proper family home. 

If you have any kind of moving tips then please let me know,  I seriously do not have a clue as I have never moved before.


  1. Oh no, sorry you're having a rubbish time. Hope it all works out. I absolutely hate moving and buying a house is one of the worst things I've ever done. We lost out on three houses to cash buyers and it was so stressful

    Cat x

  2. Oh you poor thing, I'm in a similar boat but not as much progress as you... but I have the same feelings of life being on hold etc.... hopefully everything goes smoothly for you! I have moved lots of times but have no tips for you as i am always disorganised and last-minute!! Xx


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