Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Planning My Toddlers New Bedroom

I am sure that everyone who reads this blog is sick of me going on about moving by now, it is all I have gone on about for months! Well, things are still on hold after our moving date got pushed back, however, all being well we *should* be moving in the next couple of weeks. I really do hope so, as at the moment we are living in total chaos with half packed boxes all over the house. To stop me from going stir crazy with all the stress of moving and my house being cluttered with boxes I have been spending lots of time on Pinterest, searching for home decor ideas. 

The new house is pretty much a blank canvas for us to do whatever we want with and really make our own. The room that I am most excited about creating is my little boy's bedroom, at the moment he does not have his own bedroom as he still shares a room with us due to our current house being too small. I can not wait to create a proper little toddlers room for him, I want it to be a room that he loves and enjoys spending time in. 

dinosaur toddler bed

Decor wise I think we will just be going for plain white walls and then lots of bright accessories and wall prints. At the moment he is really into dinosaurs so I think we might go with that theme, he already has some dinosaur accessories which would look great. One thing I really need to sort out though is a new bed for him as he is currently still in a cot, now that he has recently turned two it is time to move him into a big boys bed. While searching online I found a perfect toddler bed for him which is dinosaur themed from Room to Grow. I was even happier when I noticed that they had a toy box to match the bed too!

I really like toddler beds, his three-year-old sister has a one and they are great for getting little ones used to being in a proper bed. I also like the fact they are lower to the ground so they don't have far to fall if they fall out of bed. I think that by having a bed like this as the focal point in the room I could get away with keeping everything else in the room plain and neutral, making it easier to update his room decor when he gets older. 

I really can not wait to make a start on decorating my children's bedrooms, even though I am planning on keeping the decor in all the rooms rather plain I am so looking forward to finding furniture and accessories to really create magical bedrooms for them that they will love. I can not wait to show you what their rooms are like once we have moved and gotten around to decorating them. 

What kind of theme does your children's bedroom have? I would love to know in the comments below. 

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  1. That bed looks dreamy! I bet T would love that too. It's exciting to plan children's rooms isn't it? Actually I love planning all rooms ;) Can't wait to see the finished product!

  2. What a sweet bed. Love the design. My boys would have loved something like this when they were younger ..

  3. No theme for the kids bedroom for now. I am still decorating.

  4. I hope the house moving completes soon so you can get settled in. We moved in March and the house wont be decorated for a while yet. However Little K has a dinosaur theme, while Big K has lego and dinosaurs haha (he wants what his little brother gets!) You can get so many cute things online its great :-) x


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