Sunday, 30 October 2016

Is My Daughters Love Of Her iPhone Effecting Her Education?

My eldest daughter recently turned fourteen and like most teenagers she is never without her iPhone or iPad. She is always snapchatting her friends or facetiming them, liking photos on Instagram and watching videos on youtube. We try and limit her use by making her have screen-free time and not letting her be on her phone late on a school night, but she probably does still spend far too much time on them if I am honest. Even when she is out with her friends she is snapping photos to add to sites such as snapchat. 

Now that she is 14 and is in year 9 she has started studying for her GCSE's at school, as they have recently changed them so that you start studying for them a year early. So now more than ever I really want her to concentrate and stick in at school that little bit more, so that she gets the grades that I know she can if she puts her mind to it. 

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Recently I came across an article in the news which highlighted that 75% of parents are worried that the use of phones and tablets is having a negative effect on their child's learning. This is something that I can really relate to myself as I do worry that the use of social media and staying up on electronic devices is stopping my daughter reaching her full potential. Most of her homework has to be done online now, she has to research things online and she also has to use certain sites that she logs into to answer maths questions etc. However I often find that half way through her homework she has started checking her social media sites or is busy watching youtube videos instead of studying. 

The research in the news article which was carried out by My Voucher Codes found that over half of the 2,500 parents interviewed did not remove electronic devices whilst their children were studying. And 50% felt that social media sites had a negative effect upon their child's education. I feel like I can relate to these findings as I don't remove devices when my teen is studying - mostly because she does need her iPad or laptop when she is studying, however, I probably should remove her phone. I really worry about the effect social media has on her education as when I was her age there were no social media, the most I could do on my mobile back then was call or text someone (which used all my credit) or play snake. 

I think that I need to start getting a bit stricter with my teen in regards to her phone usage, as whilst I do set limits and constantly check her social media accounts and online activity I probably do let her on it more then she should be. I think as parents we do need to do more to ensure that our children are not spending too much time online and staying up late at night online. As parents, we want the best for our children and limiting screen time will help them concentrate better in class and whilst doing their homework which in turn should have a positive effect upon their education. 

How do you feel about mobiles affecting children's education? 

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