Saturday, 22 October 2016


Dear Chloe

Today you turned 14 years old. I am late in writing you this letter as I just have not had the chance to sit down and write this week. You have just gone to bed after watching Harry Potter so I thought that I would quickly write you this letter now. You will probably be embarrassed that I have written you a letter on my blog, I never really feature you on this blog as it is not really very cool being on your mum's blog when you're a teenager. I write all three of you birthday letters every year, just so someday you can look back on them to see how loved you were. 

14th birthday cookie

During this last year, you have not really changed, although you are almost the same height as me now! You are in year nine and are studying for your GCSE's, you have no idea what you want to be when you leave school, although you think maybe something to do with art or design as they are the subjects you enjoy the most. 

You still enjoy lie-ins until lunch time on the weekends, lying in your bed watching Youtube and Netflix and face timing your friends. You are nearly always out with your friends, you still have the same friends that you have had since primary school which is nice. You are really into your make-up, only the 'nice' brands though like Mac, Urban Decay and Benefit. You have all your makeup stuff organised neatly in a corner of your room, whilst the rest of your room is a tip. 

Last year you amazed me with your bravery when you had surgery on your eye and you have been so understanding recently while your room is packed with boxes ready for our imminent house move. Your brother and sister adore you and they love nothing more than when you spend time with them, especially your little sister she gets so excited when you spend time with her. I wish you would bother with her more, you are her most favorite person in the world right now. 

You have been to a few concerts this year, to see artists such as The Vamps and Little Mix, you love going to concerts. We are going to see Joe and Casper (youtube people) on Friday which you are excited for. The only thing you watch on TV these days is the music channels, although you do like watching films on sky - Zootropolis is your current favorite. You also love Nando's, the Lush shop, Indian take-away's, your Iphone and Ipad, lazing around in your pj's and going shopping. 

Today for your birthday you did not want a party or to do anything with your friends like you normally do each year. All you wanted was to go to Newcastle shopping with me to have lunch at Nando's and spend your birthday money. We got you an Adidas jacket and some make up and gift sets you asked for, it is so hard buying for you now you are a teenager. You spent your money on a Pandora crown ring you were after, Urban Decay eyeshadow pallet, more makeup, Lush and Zoella products.

We had a nice day just you and me, something we rarely get the chance to do these days, we spent most of the time looking at make up and lush bath bombs. We also had a takeaway for tea with your brother and sister, you choose pizza and watched Harry Potter when they went to bed. You did not want a cake this year either, you wanted a giant Millie's cookie, you have hidden it in your room so your brother and sister can not eat it.  

Typing all of this down has made me realise that you are getting so grown up, you are not my little girl anymore. People always told me when you were born that you would grow up so quick, I never believed them but it is oh so very true. I keep forgetting you are 14 now and not a little kid, you will always be my little girl though, even when you are an adult. 

Love you lots Chloe, don't ever change as we love you just the way you are. 

Lots of love

Mam xxx


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