Monday, 19 September 2016

Starting Pre-School At Two Years Old

Exactly one month ago today my little boy Jacob turned two years old and last week when he was two years and three weeks old he started pre-school. Just turned two sounds far too little to start pre-school doesn't it? He is still so little to me, probably because he is my last baby. People are often surprised that we have sent him when he is still so young, I am myself at times. I never intended to send him when he was so little, after all I am a stay-at-home mum so their is no real need for him to go.

So why did we send him when he is only two? 

Simply because he wanted to go. 

His older sister started pre-school last year when she was almost two and a half, she went three afternoons a week for two hours at a time. We sent her so she could mix with other children because she was stuck at home with her little brother a lot of the time and because she has delayed speech and we thought nursery would help her. It has by the way, she is such a little chatterbox lately. 

Jacob was so very desperate to go with her, he would ask to go everyday when we dropped her off. He used to try and interact with the other children and was so eager to be able to go and play with the toys. We kept telling him when he was two he could go, when he was a big boy. 

On his second birthday he woke up and we said "Happy birthday, you are two now" he replied saying "me go nursery". Bless him he was all excited thinking that he was off to nursery on his birthday because he was now two. Luckily we had put his name down last term and he was given a place at his sisters old pre-school which is a lovely little private pre-school in are village, with really small class sizes. 

Last week he started nursery, I was so nervous as I thought that he would not settle and that he would cry. We even paid to send his big sister with him for the first week, just so he had a familiar face and someone to look out for him. I need not have worried though as he absolutely loved it. In just a week he has made himself at home there, he plays with the other children and has the best time playing with the toys and getting creative. 

I guess what I am trying to say is that every family is different and every child is so very different too. Some children go to nursery at 6 months old, some at 2 or 3 years old, some children stay with their parents until they start school and some children stay with their parents all the time and are home schooled.

 For us as a family Jacob starting pre-school at two was best for us and also most importantly it was best for him. He is so smart for just turned two, he is fully potty trained, he walks everywhere and has great speech and social skills. He was ready for pre-school, my eldest on the other hand would never have coped with pre-school at just two as she was so very shy and would have hated to be apart from me. I am also very aware that being a boy born in late August means that Jacob will be the youngest or one of the youngest in his year group at school, so hopefully this will help give him a little helping hand for when he starts actual Nursery school next year. 

So far he seems to be having the best time and loves being there. I hope that he continues to enjoy it for the rest of the year and makes lots of little friends like his big sister did. 

Did your little ones go to pre-school? 


  1. Aww! It sounds like he has settled in so well. How fantastic!
    My girls both started at the school nursery just after they were 3 years old.

  2. My oldest started going to pre school. He just turned 4 at the end of August. He has been going to nursery since the age of 5 months. So he has taken on a lot and learned a lot on the way


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