Friday, 19 August 2016

Jacob You Are Two

Dear Jacob

Huge apologies my baby boy as mummy is late in writing you this post, I normally write them in advance and schedule them but life has just been so busy with it being the summer holidays. Anyway I can not believe that you are two years old! You are my little blog baby, mummy started this blog when I was pregnant with you and my whole pregnancy, your birth story and your whole life is on this blog, hopefully you can read it back someday. 

It does not seem so long ago that I sat down and wrote all about you turning one and now you are most certainly not a baby at all but a proper little boy. Most people think you are much older than you actually are as you are so big for your age, you are almost the same size as your three year old sister! 

You are so very clever and you speak so well and so clearly, you understand so much that we say or that is going on around you. You chatter away non-stop and copy what people say, your speech amazes me as we can have proper little conversations with you already. You also decided to potty train yourself when you were 21 months old, now you are dry during the day and potty training you was so super easy with not a single accident. 

You have changed so very much in the last year, you look so much more grown up and you have lots of blonde hair. You sleep now too which is amazing, although you do wake up incredibly early at 5.30am most mornings (please start sleeping later soon). You still scream loudly for attention and you fight nonstop with your two big sister, although you love them really and hate to be apart from them. You are also a little escape artisit and we have to have eyes in the back of are head to watch you as you run off at any given chance. You also watch how people lock safety gates and doors and then you go and open them and make a run for it. 

You love to be outdoors and would spend hours running around the garden if you could. You love running, climbing and have really got into football lately too and adore kicking and throwing balls around the garden. You love dinosaurs and Mr Tumble and Bing Bong from Inside out, although you are not really a fan of the T.V, you do watch Tumble though. You also adore your Grandad (my dad) he is your most favourite person ever and if we ever ask you who you love it is always Grandad. 

Your favourite foods are still tomotoes, blueberries, bananas, yogurts and pasta you would live on just these foods if you could! You are also starting to really like susages now too and you asked for them for your birthday breakfast. Today for your birthday we did not do much, I kind of feel bad you did not have a party but you don't really have any little friends of your own yet. So today we just went to softplay with your sisters and cousins and had a little party tea and birthday cake and spent the day with all your family. 

Yesterday we took you to the sealife centre in Scarborough so that you could see the penguins as you are penguin crazy! You could not believe your luck that you got to walk through the penguin enclosure and there was a penguin standing on the path in front of you! Of course you had to buy a penguin soft toy, a baby one to go with your big one from the zoo that you fall asleep cuddling every night. You loved your micro scooter and dinosaur toys you got for your birthday, so glad you liked them as we struggled on what to buy you as you have so many toys already! 

You are my little boy who completes are family. We all love you so very very much, you can be such hard work at times when you wake up far to early, shout very very loudly and fight with your sister and make a mess. I would not change you for the world though as you are so very smart, you make me laugh everyday and it is a joy to watch your personality develop. You are such a mummys boy and I love all the cuddles and kisses that you give me too. I love being your mummy Jacob and I have loved having you in my life these last two years. I can not wait to see you grow and have lots of adventures now that you are two. 

Happy birthday my baby boy, you will always be mammy's baby.

                                                              Lots of love from 

                                                                    Mammy xx


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