Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Bathroom Solutions For The Less Mobile

Before I had my little two children I worked in social care, with young adults who had learning disabilities. My job was to help enable them to live as independently as they could within their own home. As you can imagine in this day and age my time was taking up with lots of health and safety related paperwork. 

Premier Bathroom walk in bath

One major health and safety related problem that I kept encountering over and over was related to bathrooms. You are probably wondering why, but when you are working with adults who have additional needs who are not very mobile and may be prone to trips and falls, you quickly realise that sometimes something as simple as taking a bath can be hard work for some people. 

When people live in their own home and they are faced with problems bathing it can have serious impacts upon their quality of life, they may worry, avoiding bathing or have an accident. Often people don't have anyone to help them get in and out of the bath, and lets face it I am sure many people don't want help with that - I know I wouldn't. 

After working in and studying social care for many years I am well aware that this is a huge problem that many people face. Not just people with additional needs or disabilities but also people who may have mobility problems, people who have been in an accident or the elderly - to name just a few. 

Problems around bathing need not be a problem though as companies such as Premier Bathrooms specialise in creating modern looking walk in baths and showers that will make things so much easier and safer for people suffering mobility problems. They have different styles and features so that you can find the perfect bath or shower to suit your needs. Most importantly of all they will enable you to carry on living and bathing safely and confidently within your own home with ease, which is all anyone really wants. 

There is no place like home after all. 

I will certainly be investing in a walk in bath like these ones when I get less mobile. I love nothing more then a relaxing soak in a leisurely bubble bath, I can think of nothing worse then having to miss out on that. Anything that helps people live more independently within their own homes gets a big thumbs up from me - especially as it reduces the health and safety risk massively. 

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