Friday, 29 July 2016

What To Do When Moving Into A Student House In Newcastle

Now that it is summer many students will be looking for new accommodation in Newcastle, as we have two university's in the city centre - Newcastle and Northumbria. Looking for suitable student accommodation can be tricky and most students normally end up sharing a house to help cut costs and so they can live close to the city centre. For many students it is the first time that they have rented a house or shared a house and they may be unsure of what to expect or do.

Local student letting agents Walton Robinson know that their is a lot to do when moving into a student house in Newcastle, so with this in mind they have produced a handy 10 point checklist to help students out which is listed below.

1.) Plan in advance.  When moving house you need to a have plan in place, this will make things as stress-free as possible. There is nothing worse then being unprepared for a big event like moving house.  You could ask friends and family if they could help you with the move and it may be worth hiring a van, so you can easily move everything in one go. 

2.) Paperwork. Before moving day make sure that you have all paperwork up to date, make sure everything is completed and all fees have been paid. If you are moving in a group make sure that everyone who is moving in has completed everything, if one person has forgot to fill in a form or paid their fee then you won't be giving the keys to your new home. Everything needs to be 100 % complete before you can get the keys and move in. 

3.) Collecting the keys. Check in advance if you need to collect the keys at a certain time. At Walton Robinson you must arrive after 3pm and have called to make an appointment in advance. Make sure you speak to everyone moving in, the first person to move in can collect the keys for everyone making things easier. 

4.) Know your points of contact. When you go to collect your keys make sure you receive the email address and phone number of the person you need to contact in case of any issues with the property, also make sure you have the contact details for any out of hours emergencies too. This will normally be your landlord or if your property is managed by Walton Robinson, your property supervisor. You can also find details here if WR manage your property. You also need to provide your agent with a lead tenant that can be contacted for inspections and anything else you may need to be informed of. 

5.) Inventory. When you move into your property you will be given an inventory, either from your landlord or Walton Robinson. Make sure you know the deadline for handing in the inventory (with WR it is seven days) ensure you pay close attention to every item and make any corrections that may be necessary. This will help when you move out and with getting your deposit back at the end of the tenancy. 

6.) Utilities and bills. You will be asked to record a meter reading on the inventory form. Keep a note of your meter readings as you will need them when creating new utility accounts. If you need any help with this call your property supervisor who will be happy to help you. 

7.) Council tax. Students are exempt from paying council tax, however you will have to inform your local council of this or you will be sent a bill. Download the form here.

8.) Summer arrangements. If you are moving in your belongings but not actually living in the property over the summer, make sure you let your landlord or agent know. It may seem obvious but make sure you unplug everything and turn the heating off before you leave and make sure that no valuables are on display as you never know who could be looking in when your away. 

Walton Robinson have also produced a handy 'Top 10 tips for what to do before you move out to help avoid deposit charges!' 

Good luck with your move. 

Disclosure  : This is a collaborative post. 


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