Saturday, 23 July 2016

Goodbye Pre-School

Last week Sophia left pre-school ready to start nursery school in September, I know that every parent say's this but I can not believe that she will be starting actual nursery school as she seems to have grown so quickly! I remember sitting down last September and writing about my worries for her starting pre-school, I was so unsure of sending her as I did not need to as I was a stay at home mum and would be home with her younger brother. I also thought she was too young as she had only just turned two and she was not used to be with anyone other then myself and her dad, she rarely even spends time with family. 

I can honestly say that sending her to pre-school was the best decision that we made, she loved it from day one and we never once had tears from her - I think she would have lived at pre-school if we had of let her as she loved it so much. She quickly made friends, especially with one little girl who she talks about non-stop and she adores the staff. Her speech has improved, although she is still seeing a speech therapist due to delayed speech but she is saying a lot more then she was. 

I worried so much about sending her to pre-school mostly because I was at home and I felt like why should I send her when I did not need too, it just did not make sense to me. Surely the whole point of staying at home meant that I was staying at home to look after my children not to send them to nursery ? However I realise that I was being silly worrying about this as she only went for two hours, three afternoons a week to start with. Having that time away from us done her good as she enjoyed messy play which she loves and rarely experiences at home due to her younger brother, she got to run around and play with other children and get used to be with other adults and spending time away from us. 

She has came on so much over the last year not only with her improved speech but she is also much more sociable and confident with other children then she previously was. She is still a little wild child at times with selective hearing and a mind of her own and a very big personality which I would not change for the world. I honestly think that we made the right decision to send her as I now feel like she is slightly better equipped to start nursery school in September, yes I am worrying about that already! 

We are one week into the summer holidays now and she is missing her pre-school so very much, however she will be going back for a week in September as her little brother will be starting the same pre-school in September just three weeks after his second birthday! We thought that it would be nice to send the two of them together for a week so that she can help him settle in, although I think he will much harder to get used to it as he is such a mummy's boy.

Then at the end of September Sophia will be off to nursery school at the local primary school wearing an actual uniform (which I still need to buy). I am sure I will have a tear in my eye when I see her in her uniform and leave her on her first day at nursery school. I am already dreading doing two nursery runs a day, one in the mornings to drop Jacob off then I will have to pick him up and then go straight to drop Sophia off at her nursery and then come home before heading back out to collect her again, I just need to remember all the walking will help with weight loss! I really hope she likes it as much as she loved pre-school and has fun before starting proper school next September. 

Did your little ones go to pre-school ? 



  1. Aww! It sounds like she has loved pre-school and it's been great for her...
    They grow up so quickly! I can't believe your boy is nearly 2! Eek!
    Ahh! I remember all the walking I used to do when I had one in nursery and one in school. It's great for losing weight. hehehe x

    1. She really does love it, she would live there if she could. She is missing it so much these holidays. I know they really do grow so quick, I can't believe he is almost 2 too! It has flown over. xx

  2. Awww bless. How cute does she look! Have fun at nursery little one!

  3. They grow so quickly don't they. x


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