Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Saving Money When Shopping Online

Since having my youngest two children I would say that I order about 90% of my shopping online, I order everything from groceries to clothes to Christmas gifts and household items. Like many parents I just can't face a shopping trip with two little people in tow as it ends up being stressful and I end up buying stuff that I don't even need just to get out the shop. I love that I can just browse online when my little ones are in bed, place an order and it will get delivered to my door the next day, perfect! 

Regular readers will know by now that we are hoping to move in the next few months and in preparation for moving we have started to be a bit more careful with money in recent months. To do this we have been cutting out takeaways and meals out, meal planning to reduce the weekly grocery bill and just being that little bit more careful with money. 

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Recently I have also came across another way to save money and that is to use a price drop and sale detector site such as Everyday is black Friday a brilliant site that saves you searching the web for bargains as they check online prices for well known stores such as Currys and let us know when they have offers on. Perfect for us busy parents who lets face it don't really have time to be trawling the web comparing prices. 

Obviously as we are moving soon so I have been looking online a lot for new household items, I was pretty impressed when I seen this Kenwood fridge freezer in Currys with 33% off saving an impressive £130. With savings like these I don't think my other half will complain about me buying lots of new things like he normally does! 


I openly admit that I never use sites like Everyday Is Black Friday as I normally just have in mind what I want to buy and just go ahead and buy it without thinking too check prices. After finding out about this great site and seeing for myself what amazing savings can be had I will certainly be using it from now on. I am hoping that all the money we save on new household items will mean that we might also be able to afford to book a holiday this year too, fingers crossed as I am desperate for a break in the sunshine. 

Do you check prices online before your buy ? 



  1. I use to check prices online before buying but now i just use Amazon for everything ha! I buy pretty much everything online as going to the shops makes me stressed and anxious. Might check out the website you mention and see what its like :-)

    1. It is so much easier shopping online when your a parent isn't it ? I dread taking my little two shopping with me. Let me know how you get on with it xx

  2. I am a pure price checker! I love researching prices and I have to say I get a real kick out of getting a bargain, or getting a company to discount to beat a competitior. Its the ex sales manager in me I guess!

    1. I really need to start doing it, I have decided that any money I save will be going into the savings account for a holiday as I need a break xx


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