Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Saving Money On Airport Parking

Today has been a one of those days, you know the ones where everything that can go wrong inevitability does go wrong? I feel stressed and grumpy and in desperate need of a break, a chance to just relax and have some time out. I am long overdue a holiday so I have just spent the last hour looking online for a holiday for next year. Whilst browsing I began to wonder if maybe we should just get married abroad, it would probably be cheaper than in this country. I also think I would rather spend the money giving my children an amazing holiday then wasting money on inviting loads of family that we never see to our wedding. 


I love the idea of going somewhere exotic like the Caribbean to get married on a beautiful white beach. Living in Newcastle we can't get flights to many far flung destinations so we would have to travel to a larger airport like Gatwick, at first this put me off as travelling from Newcastle to London is really expensive. Then someone mentioned to me why did we not just drive down to Gatwick, a quick search online looking for Cheap parking at Gatwick airport made me realise that actually it is a lot cheaper then I thought. 

Sites like My Favourite Voucher Codes have Gatwick parking codes which can save you around 65% on your airport parking costs. I will be able to treat myself to some extra duty free perfume with the money that I would be saving, bonus! My Favourite Voucher codes are not just a regular voucher code website either as they actually donate 20% of their profits to charity. I love the idea of this as not only are you saving money yourself but you are also donating to a good cause at the same time too. 

Now that I know how affordable Gatwick airport parking can be I am so tempted to book my dream Caribbean wedding. I just need to decided where I would like to get married, at the moment I am torn between Antigua, St Lucia or Mexico. I think as soon as we have moved house ( hopefully in the next few months) and we have got the expense and stress out of the way then we can start to concentrate on booking and saving for our dream wedding. 

Have you used Gatwick airport parking before ?

In Collaboration with My Favourite Voucher Codes.

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