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Mummy Tag Questions

If you are a regular blog reader then you have probably seen so many bloggers write about something called 'The Mummy Tag' it is basically just a few questions about motherhood. I don't normally take part in these kind of things as I always think no-one would actually want to read them. Recently though my blog has lost its way a bit and I find I am writing less and less personal posts, so I thought I would take part so people can either find out more about me or so my children can find out more about life in 2016. 

I was tagged by two other bloggers to take part in these questions my good friend Beth from Twinderelmo and the lovely Rachel from Parenthood highs and lows. So here is my answers to the mummy tag questions. 

1.) Are you a stay at home mum or working mum ? 

I am a stay at home mum, I gave up my job in social care when I had my youngest as paying childcare for two under twos would have ended up costing almost all my wages. 

2.) Would you have it any other way ? 

Yes and no. I really miss work and earning my own money and I struggle being at home with the children all day as I am not used to it. When I had my eldest I was a full time working single mum earning my own money and now I find it strange that my partner is working while I stay home, I always feel too guilty to spend any money on myself. 

Then some days I am glad that I get to spend everyday with my children and I never miss anything and I am always there when they need me. I also realise that I am really lucky to earn an income at home from this blog too. I do want to hopefully return to a part time job in the future though. 

3.) Do you co-sleep ?

No the little two never sleep in our bed, I have been lucky that they have always just wanted to be in their cots/beds. When I had my eldest I co-slept with her though but it was just me and her and she was such a mummy's girl as a baby. 

4.) What was your newborn must have ? 

Baby wipes, I love baby wipes and use them for everything! I also loved the baby monitor we had for my youngest with the breathing sensor under his mattress, I was so worried about cot death and this reassured me so much. 

5.) How many kids do you plan on having ? 

Well I already have three, originally I always wanted four and would have loved another once my little two started school/nursery. However after having my third I have changed my mind as he is such a demanding little boy and I feel like I am getting too old for babies now (I am 32). I think we will be stopping at three. 

6.) Date nights - How often ? 

In the last few months we have started having a 'date night' once a month, we normally go for a meal just the two of us and it is really nice. When we had a weekend away in Scarborough in April we realised that we needed to make more time for each other as we never used to spend any time together, it is so nice having a few hours to just go out and chat and eat a nice meal without constant interruptions from the children. 

7.) What is your child's favourite TV show ? 

My teen does not really watch TV anymore, she does love Pretty Little Liars on Netflix though. Sophia is really into Paw Patrol at the moment, she would watch it all day if she could. Jacob is not really into watching TV, he does like Something Special though as he is a huge Tumble fan. 

8.) What is something you brought your newborn and never used ? 

Probably baby toiletries I brought loads of them with each child to fill their little changing boxes up with. Apart from the shampoo and bubble bath I never used any of the stuff in them, I don't even know what your meant to do with talc and baby oil. 

9.) Child's favourite food ? 

My teen loves Indians she always goes for an Indians with my dad and always gets the same mixed kebab starter, chicken tikka with mushroom rice and a tikka nan bread. Sophia is really fussy with food but she does love chicken, plain pasta and 'blue crisps' aka cheese & onion (not all together mind). Jacob loves blueberries. 

10.) Weight gain before, during & after pregnancy ? 

With my first I gained 4 stone and lost it without even trying within 6 months, My second I actually lost weight due to gallstones and weighed 2 stone less after she was born then before I had her. My third I gained 3 stone and then went on to gain another stone after his birth, I am still struggling to lose it almost 2 years later! 

11.) What is your dream family holiday ? 

Like most people it has to be Florida, I went as a child and can still remember it now. We have decided that we will be going when they are old enough to remember it and enjoy it in a few years time. 

12.) Dream holiday without the kids ? 

I have so many places that I want to visit Italy, Mexico and Thailand are top of my list. Vegas and a cruise is top of my other half's list

13.) How has life changed since having kids ? 

Truthfully I can't remember life before kids as I was only 18 when I had my eldest, I feel like I have always been a mum. Since having three children though I have noticed that I don't get any time for myself which I struggle with, however I do secretly love the noise and chaos that life with three children brings. 

14.) Finish the sentence - it makes my heart melt when ? 

When I see my three children together getting along - it doesn't happen very often! Or when they do something for the first time and you can tell they are super proud of themselves.

15.) Where do you shop for your kids ? 

Clothes wise I don't shop for my teen as she likes to pick her own clothing, she shops mainly at New Look teen section & Hollister. For the little two I buy mainly from Next, M&S and Debenhams. 

16.) Huggies or Pampers ? 

I have used pampers with all three children, although I used the Huggies pull ups when potty training. 

17.) What is your favourite makeup & skincare? 

These days I hardly wear make-up and my skincare routine is non existent. I did use to love Clinque skincare and Bobby Brown make-up, I just can't justify the price now I am a stay at home mum though (says the woman who buys her 13 year old Mac make-up). 

18.) Have you always wanted kids ? 

Yeah I think so, I guess I always imagined I would have children someday - it just happened sooner and differently then I imagined. I wouldn't change anything though and I am happy with how things turned out. I think being a young mum was the making of me and being a single mum for many years was also good for me. I am glad that now I am a bit older I have had more children and settled down with the right person and we are now a family. 

19.) Best thing about being a mum ? 

I love being a Mam because even though they drive me crazy I love them more then anything. They are my crazy little people and they all amaze me every single day. As cheesy as it sounds I think that being a mam is what life is all about, it just feels right. 

So those are my answers, I am not going to tag anyone else to take part as I am sure that everyone who wants to has now taking part themselves. So I tag anyone who wants to take part. 



  1. Great answers. I think most families dream holiday is to Florida haha! Its ours too. :-)

    1. I know it is where everyone wants to go, I am dying to take mine but I am waiting until they are a bit bigger. I was about 8 when I went and I can still remember it, I took my eldest to Euro Disney when she was 4 and she can't remember any of it now she is 13 xx


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