Sunday, 22 May 2016

Working From Home

As I type this now on my laptop I am currently sitting on my bed, drinking a cup of tea and getting a few hours of work done whilst my partner watches Disney films downstairs with our children. I don't actually go out to work any-more, I gave up my job in social care when I was pregnant with baby number three, as childcare for two children under two was ridiculously expensive. I was bored as a stay at home mum though, I missed work and using my brain. So I started this blog, just as something to do to stop me being bored and as a way to record my pregnancy. 

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Two years later I now class this blog as my part time job, I am self employed and earn a part time income from it - which I never expected to happen. I know that I am so incredibly lucky to be able to earn an income doing something that I love from home, I always thought working from home would be the perfect job. Don't get me wrong sometimes it really is as I set my own hours and can work around my children, I don't need to pay for childcare or have to worry if one of my children is unwell as I am home all day.

The thing is though when you work from home and have young children it can actually be hard work at times. I can't work when my children are around as they need constant looking after so I have to work through nap times and on a night time when they go to bed. I also find that when I do get time to work I always end up doing little jobs around the home such as the laundry or washing dishes or cleaning the kitchen and before I know it I have used all of my allocated work time on household chores. 

Lately though I have been thinking about things and I have decided that I am really going to start working hard on my blog, I am also going to look into starting some freelance work in the future too. When my children start school and nursery next year I want to be in a position where I am earning enough money from home so that I do not need to return to work, I want to be my own boss. 

From experience I know that I am easily distracted and in order to get any work done I actually need to be organised and stop being distracted by housework or social media. I have actually found a way that works too I have a planner which I write everything down in, this helps keep me organised as I know what needs doing and when. I also have an accounts book which I use to keep track of payments and a notebook which I fill with ideas. 

Each week I sit down and I plan what work needs done for that week and doing this keeps me on track. I also make sure that I come upstairs to work now as when I was working downstairs I would just get distracted by the housework. Another major thing that I have found is that I was sending far to much time on social media, ironic really as I need to use social media as part of my blogging job. But I was finding  myself clicking on something on Facebook and before I knew it I had spent 30 minutes scrolling through things that I really was not that bothered about, I could get lost for hours on Pinterest pinning pretty things or gazing at every one's perfect lives on Instagram. 

So when Furniture work (really need to buy myself one of their desks) asked me for a quote about working from home to include in their workplace ebook. I thought about all of this and decided that "Working from home is so convenient but to be able to make a success of it you need to be organised and make sure you have a suitable working environment and are not easily distracted." 

Overall I really do love the flexibility that working from home brings, I love being self employed and to be doing something that I really do love. I am hoping now that I am being more organised and am stopping myself from being so easily distracted that I am going to start being more productive whilst working from home. 

Do you work from home ? If so I would love to know how you find it in the comments below. 

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  1. Sounds great that you want to make your blog your full time job. I'm sure you will do great. I agree you have to be super organised. I work from home, i work 9-5 and have the boys with me too. I find it so stressful and tiring especially when the youngest just wants cuddled all the time. Trying to keep up with deadlines and sort emails. I then have to find time to blog which lately hasn't been much. Wish there were more hours in the day x

    1. Thank you so much Sam. Oh gosh that must be such a juggling act! I so wish there was more hours in the day too xx

  2. I love working from home and couldn't go back to employment now (let's home the blog work doesn't dry up then!).

    I agree it is hard with younger children around. It does get easier once they are at school but you still have the distractions of housework ect so need to be disciplined xx

    1. I know fingers crossed the blog work does not dry up lol. I am so bad at always being distracted by housework, I am planning on having a study when we move so that I can concentrate more x


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