Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Sophia You Are Three

Dear Sophia 

Today you are three years old, this year has honestly flown over so quickly as I still remember sitting down and writing you a letter for your second birthday. In fact I still remember writing about your first birthday! And now your are three which seems so much older, you are a proper little girl now and no longer a baby or toddler any more. 

This year has seen you change so much, you have grown from a little toddler into a proper little girl who is Disney princess crazy and loves dressing up. You still have such a big personality and most definitely rule the house as you have everyone wrapped around your little finger, especially your daddy! 

You  really do have such an amazing little personality and are ever so happy, always laughing and smiling and saying hello to people in the street. You are very strong willed though and like things to be your way and often boss your little brother around. You most defiantly keep us on are toes as you are such a free spirit with a bit of a wild streak and like to run off and get into mischief on a regular basis making everyone laugh with the crazy things you do. 

You are still such a daddy's girl and I think that you always will be, you also really love your grandma or mom-mar as you call her, you ask for her non-stop every single day. You and your little brother fight non-stop but you really are the best of friends. You also still totally adore your big sister but she very rarely wants to spend time with you as she is 13 now and always out with her friends, you love nothing more then cuddling up watching films with her though or getting her to do your hair. 

Talking of hair your hair is so curly and wild and we still can not do anything with it, me and your daddy always say that it suits your little personality perfectly. This last year you have became so loving and you always curl up on mine or your daddy's knee and cuddle up to us, cuddles are one of your most favourite things. Milk is also another one of your favourite things and whenever you are sad or tired you will ask for it. You are still an amazing little sleeper, sleeping 7-7 every single night although every now and then you will wake during the night and end up in mummy and daddy's bed. 

This year you started Pre-school and you loved it right from the start, I think you would happily live there if you could. You were also so easy to potty train and picked it up more or less straight away which we were amazed by as we were expecting it to be harder then it was. You still have delayed speech and you have been having speech therapy for a few months, you are saying so many words now and new ones every single day but we still need to work on sentences. 

You still love Sofia the First and Disney Princess especially Belle (you are a huge fan) but you also love Paw Patrol, PJ Masks and Miles From Tomorrow too. You still adore watching films and Beauty and the beast is still your all time favourite. Lambie is still the Ted that you take to bed each night and your favourite toys are your wooden kitchen you got for Christmas and your Happyland sets. 

This year you have discovered flowers and we can not go anywhere lately without you picking daisies, we normally find your pockets full of flowers every single day. Butterfly's are another thing you love and you will chase them around the garden amazed. You love to bake cakes, probably because cake is one of your favourite foods along with ice cream, pasta, cheese, crabsticks and meat. Whenever we cook a roast dinner you always stand at the safety gate shouting "meat" and we have to pass you pieces of meat to eat whilst we carve it. 

You make me laugh every single day and I really do see so much of my mum in you, she would have loved you so much as she was a free spirit with a big personality too just like you. I love how every morning you race down the stairs full or energy and smiles, you are just so loving and funny and I really do just feel so very lucky that you are mine.

 I hope that you have a wonderful day today and like the presents that we got you. We got you a pram and a beast (from beauty and the beast) as you want to push the beast around in a pram! We did buy you a baby for your pram but I don't think you will play with it much. We have also got you a Belle doll which you have wanted for ages, some Belle dressing up shoes like the ones you wear everyday at nursery. I hope that you love the tiara and amulet that we got you too as you have been after these for months and ask for them every day to complete your Sofia princess dress. Daddy also got you some Paw Patrol toys as he knows how much you love it and we have you some new clothes and other little things like a bubble machine and a few little toys. 

I really hope you love your Paw Patrol cake and your trip on the train to the Zoo to see the animals. We have not booked you a party this year as we have decided to take you on the train to the zoo as you are fascinated by trains and adore every kind of animal, especially monkeys! I can not wait to see your little face light up when you get to see lots of animals. 

Happy birthday my beautiful little princess Sophia the first, Mummy, Daddy, Chloe and Jacob all love you so very very much. We hope that you have a magical day and enjoy every second of it, I can not wait to see what adventures you have when you are three. I just hope that you don't change as you are mummy's little wildflower and I love you just the way you are, forever and always.

 Lots of love mummy xxx



  1. Happy birthday Sophia! What a beautiful letter/post, she has a very special mummy xxxx

  2. Happy Birthday Sophia, Hope you have a lovely day

    1. Thank you, she had a great day as we went to the zoo to see the pandas xx

  3. Happy 3rd birthday Sophia! We are wanting Paw Patrol cakes here too - 13 days sob!! xx

    1. Thanks Beth, Paw Patrol must be the in thing for 3 year old girls these days , who knew lol xx


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