Monday, 14 March 2016

Home Security & Most Treasured Possessions

Something that I, like many people take for granted is home security. Of course I lock doors and windows and keep valuables hidden away, but I never really give much thought to someone burgling my home. I always assume my home is safe and secure and what valuable possessions we do own can be easily replaced with insurance. 

However I came across an interesting infographic from Chill Insurance who carried out a home safety survey in Ireland, where my dads family are from. The survey found that an impressive 57% of people surveyed described there home as very secure. 

It also revealed that the most treasured possession of those surveyed was family photos. I have to agree with this as treasured photos of my late mum and my children when they were babies are my most treasured possessions too. Photos are something that no amount of money could ever replace, they represent so many special times in peoples lives. This got me thinking that maybe I need to take more care with my home security myself as I would hate to lose them. Especially as so many of them are stored on laptops and mobiles which as we all know are known targets for thief's. 

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Disclosure this is a collabrative post. 


  1. That's so true - family photos are the most important thing, and as the majority are on my laptop it'll be the top two which are imperative for me & my family! I would never think about locking away my purse, until a 1/5th of those interviewed!
    Interesting info graphics

    1. I know I would never think of locking my purse away either. xx

  2. Family photos would be high on my list too! I not only upload them online I store them on a external hard drive too! That is more hidden away than the lap top. I'm also very paranoid about my phone going missing too!

    1. I never think to put things on an extrernal hard drive , really must start doing this xx


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