Friday, 26 February 2016

Thinking About Hiring A Car

I will hold my hands up and admit that when it comes to car's I am completely and utterly useless and don't know the first thing about them. I am lucky that my dad use to be an AA patrol man before retiring last year so anything car related I can just turn to him to sort out. 

However one thing that I do know is that finding the right car can be hard work at times, I have heard countless times of friends buying cars they regret as they have realised that it is not big enough for their needs or they just don't enjoy driving it. I have also heard of so many friends who have brought from independent sellers and then been faced with countless faults and been left with high fees to fix things. 

Most people would prefer to buy a newer model of car but they often find they are well out of their price range and they may not want to be tied down to a lengthy finance agreement. Something that I recently heard about from a friend was that they had hired a car for a few months in the summer, so they could take their children out as their partner was using their main car for work. They could not afford the initial cost of buying a second car so they hired a one instead as it worked out much cheaper for them. 

Hiring a car is never something that I had even considered doing before but a quick look online lead me to Parkway contracts who specialise in Volkswagen hire and leasing. Even though they are based in the East Midlands they will actually deliver your chosen car throughout the UK. 

A quick look of their website made me realise that hiring a car is actually a lot cheaper then I initially thought that it would be. I also thought this would be so useful for people who only need a car for a short period of time and also for people who wanted to test a car out for a while before committing to buying a one. 

In a few years time when I return to work and we need to become a two car family I think that I will be considering hiring a car rather then buying as it seems like it will be a much more affordable option for us then having to pay a large amount of cash upfront. 

Have you ever leased a car before ? If so I would love to know how you found it in the comments below. 

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  1. If I return to work we will most likely lease a car it makes sense in the shorter term for us

    1. That is what we have been thinking too xx


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