Monday, 8 February 2016

Learning New Skills With NCC Home Learning

Since having my youngest two children I have became a stay at home parent, something I know I am lucky to be able to do. However I really miss working, I miss learning and earning and making a difference, as I use to work in adult mental health and special needs social care. I spent years studying towards a degree in social care and mental health before getting my job and even whilst I was working I was always having to learn and go on courses for safeguarding, first aid and health and safety as legislation's were constantly changing. I also completed an NVQ and learnt makaton, I loved learning and always found great satisfaction in completing courses and getting qualifications. 

I would love to return to work but having two young children and a partner who works shifts means that I simply can not return to my old role as the hours were long, I was often working 14 hour shifts and getting called in on my days off. I even got called into work on Christmas day a few years ago which is not great when you have children. I have also found that full time childcare for two children under three would be so expensive and really not worth my while returning to work. 

Staying at home I feel a bit lost, out of the loop and bored if I am honest. I have this blog to keep my mind active but I really miss learning. So when NCC Home Learning recently got in contact and asked if I would like to complete a one of their online learning courses I thought this sounded perfect for me. Browsing the NCC website I was amazed at just how many different courses they offer everything from childcare to wedding planning, even a whole section on social care related courses. 

NCC Home Learning courses are all online courses that you can simply log on to and do some of the coursework whenever you get a chance, making them perfect for stay at home parents looking to gain new qualifications or brush up on old ones. You also get tutor support to help you complete your work as well as a dedicated student support team and all the information you need to learn and compete the course. I have also noticed that they seem really good value for money compared to regular collage courses. 

Obviously as my working background is in social care I was tempted to opt for one of these courses, but in all honesty I am not sure that it is a career that I want to go back to now that I have three children, as it was such a demanding job that doesn't really work very well when you have young children. However the teaching assistant level 3 course caught my eye, this would be a job that would easily fit around family life with young children, maybe I could go on to get a job working as a teaching assistant to children with special needs in the future as that would use my social care background and my new teaching assistant qualification. 

I am looking forward to starting my course and once I have completed it I will be reporting back to let you know how I found it. 

Which home learning course would you like to do? I would love to know in the comments below. 

 This post is written in collaboration with NCC Home Learning, I have received my course free of charge for the purpose of this post and a full review once I have completed my course. 



  1. Good luck with the course...It sounds perfect for stay at home parents.

    1. Thank you so much Kim, I totally agree they are ideal for stay at home parents xx

  2. Good luck with your course. It sounds great. I've looked into courses several times but i just never find any time to sit down and actually do anything. x

    1. Thank you so much Sam, I know that feeling well. I am hoping I can fit a few hours in when the kids are in bed xx

  3. Good luck, this sounds so exciting! Hope it goes well xx


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