Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Exercising At Home

Regular readers will be aware by now that I have been trying to eat healthy in a bid to lose my baby weight once and for all. I have actually managed to lose some weight but I am not losing it as quickly as I would like to. Although I do hold my hands up and admit that I do sometimes still eat the odd take-away or bar of chocolate now and then, but lets face it life is too short to deprive yourself of yummy foods all the time. 

I have been thinking even though I eat healthy the majority of the time, I really do need to start doing some regular exercise to build my fitness up and to help me in my bid to lose weight. I know that if I want to improve my overall health and well being then exercising is key. Exercise will not only help with my weight loss mission but it will also help to lower my risk of certain illness and disease and help me build stronger muscles.

Exercise can also help to improve my mental well being which will be a welcome bonus after suffering from depression after the birth of my son. Research has shown that regular exercise can improve your self esteem, your mood, reduce your stress levels and can also make you sleep better and have more energy, all things that a busy mum like me could do with improving. So even though I know all of this why have I not been exercising ? 

The answer is simply because I always tell myself I don't have the time and to be honest the idea of going to a gym or for a jog on my own terrifies me, as I am so unfit. However I think I have found the answer to my problems whilst browsing online I noticed that Tesco have a very handy home fitness equipment buying guide. Exercising at home seems like the perfect option for a stay at home mum like myself as I can exercise whilst my children nap or are in bed, making it easy to fit into my everyday day to day life. 

I have not visited a gym in years and I admit I am really unfit these days so I had no idea what kind of exercise equipment I would actually need. A quick read of the buying guide made me realise that an exercise bike was probably the best thing to go for, as they are great for all levels of fitness even beginners like myself. I also noticed that they are a lot cheaper then I thought they would be too with prices starting at around £75 on the Tesco website making them very affordable. 

So my plan is to carry on with the healthy eating and to also buy myself an exercise bike and just use it for a small amount of time each evening whilst watching T.V. I am hoping that if I start off slowly I will soon build my fitness up and will soon start seeing all the health benefits of regular exercise as well as dropping some dress sizes. 

Do you exercise at home ? If so I would love to know any tips you may have in the comments below. 


  1. Going to check out that guide thanks - although I could technically fit the gym in now, I would much rather do something at home to avoid the 'gym posers' as they really put me off :-(

    1. Your welcome Sam, it is useful. I am exactly the same as you the idea of going to a gym full of buff men doing weights and skinny young women in lycra fills me with dread xx


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