Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Personal Goals For 2016

This time last year I wrote two posts about my blog and personal goals for the year ahead, this year I have decided to do the same. I have been reading through last years personal goals and I am more or less making the exact same goals again for this year, as I failed on nearly all of them.

In 2015 my personal goals were to lose weight, be a better cook, get organised, move home, get a new job, have more fun as a family, spend more time with my partner, make more time for myself, not get pregnant and have fun. Well, I did join Slimming World and lost 2 stone, although I gained half a stone of that at the end of the year. I'm still not organised and we still have not moved house, work wise I did quit my job after maternity leave and I now earn a part-time income from this blog, meaning I am now self-employed. I did spend time with my partner but not as much as I would have liked but I totally failed at making more time for myself. We did manage to have more fun as a family now the little two are getting bigger which was nice and I did not get pregnant, yay! Most importantly of all, we did actually have fun during the year. 

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So after reflecting on last years personal goals, here is what I hope to achieve in 2016. 

1.) Lose weight. 

Once again this is on my list, as even though I did join Slimming World last year and go on to lose weight I feel like my heart was not in it, as I was just so tired of Jacob not sleeping. This year life is easier with the little two and I feel like now I actually have the time and energy to focus on losing weight. I have rejoined my Slimming world group and have decided to have a fresh start at losing weight and I shall be blogging my weight loss journey here on the blog throughout the year. 

2.) Make More Time For Myself.

Like most mum's I always seem to put myself last, my priorities are my children, my partner, housework, family, this blog and then I have no time or energy left over to spend time on myself. Last year I wanted to change this but I failed miserably, this year I have vowed to have one night a week just for me. I plan on having a night of 'me' time whether that is spent reading a book, watching trashy T.V or having a bubble bath I don't mind as long as I get a few hours of peace to just do what I want. Since having Jacob I feel like I have really let myself go, my hair is always tied up and I rarely wear make up any more, I look and feel a mess and I want to change that and feel like 'me' again. 

3.) Be More Organised. 

Again another goal off last year that I failed, I really am so disorganised it is shockingly bad. This has to change as I constantly feel like I am juggling so many balls in the air and it leaves me feeling overwhelmed, so this year I plan on getting organised in every aspect of my life. This includes our home as we just have so much stuff that is cluttering everywhere up and it drives me crazy. 

4.) Move House.

Yet another goal off last years list, we really need to move home as we don't have the room as our house is tiny. Over the next few months we plan on saving like crazy so that hopefully by the summer we will have moved into a bigger home that we can make into a forever home the children can grow up in. 

5.) More Time With The Other Half.

I mentioned this on last years list too and I have got better at this over the last few months, we have actually had time together but we could do with spending more time together. I think when you have children you often put your children first all of the time and forget that your relationship is important and needs love and attention too. 

6.) Make More Of Family Time.

Over the last few months, we have been doing more as a family than previously.  Now that the little two are getting bigger it is easier to do things as a family as we don't have to worry about things like nap times and crying babies etc. This year I want to do even more fun things as a family, experience more days out and really enjoy and cherish the time we spend together, I am all too aware that my eldest is grown up and soon will not want to come on days out with us. 

7.) Start Saving Money.

I am terrible with money, on paper we should have plenty of money left over each month after paying bills etc. However, we are terrible with money and we waste so much on things like takeaways and things we do not need. This year I am planning on being a bit better with money and I am going to start keeping track of where we are spending money, hopefully, cut some of our unnecessary spending down and start saving. 

8.) Stop Worrying So Much.

I am really really bad at worrying, I think it stems from when my mam died as I worry so much about everything, especially something happening to my children and loved ones. I drive the other half mad with my worrying ways and I think I need to try and relax a little and stop worrying and just live in the moment a bit more. 

9.) Book A Holiday.

We have never been on a family holiday before as I had the little two so close together it was impossible to travel. My eldest has had two foreign holidays over the last few years but we have not had a holiday here in the UK or abroad as a family since before Sophia was born two and a half years ago. With the little two being so young still, we have decided that it will be too stressful going abroad yet so we want a UK holiday this year and then next year we are planning on going to Disneyland and/or a beach holiday too, depending on what the children are like. 

10.) Make Memories.

I want this year to be all about having fun and making memories. I want to have lots of adventures, lots of laughs and take tons of photos along the way. 

So those are my goals for the year ahead, have you made any goals for the year ahead? If so I would love to know in the comments below. 

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