Friday, 27 November 2015

Starting To Feel Festive

Now that November is drawing to a close I think that it is totally acceptable to start getting excited about the most wonderful time of year that is Christmas. Oh yes the big man is red is busy checking his list and finding out who is naughty or nice, the elves are busy wrapping up the presents and children up and down the country are counting down the sleeps.

Yep, that is right 'the holidays are coming' yes I totally stole that line of the coke advert, talking of which the iconic coca cola advert has been on TV so it totally is acceptable to start talking about Christmas now, right?

It is funny how certain adverts can evoke such emotions in us and leave lasting impressions. All of the Christmas adverts on the TV and in the media have really helped to get me into the festive spirit this year. I think I am right up there counting down the sleeps with my children, as I can not wait to see their little squishy faces light up on Christmas morning when they see 'he has been'.

This year everyone seems to be debating who has the best advert is it Sainsbury's or is it John Lewis? I have to say I am probably on team John Lewis as it certainly pulls at my heartstrings. Although Mog seems to have stolen every child's heart and I hear it is a sellout toy this year on the back of the advert.

Adverts really do stir emotions in us whether on TV or in the media, they can make us laugh or make us sad. Most of the time they just make me want to buy some rather yummy looking food or drink or the latest must-have gadget. But at Christmas, the adverts just seem that bit more special, a bit more festive and heartwarming and let's face it we are all splashing the cash on food, drinks and gadgets at this time of year anyway.

As silly as this may sound I think that Christmas adverts are becoming a bit of a family tradition in my house, as we all start feeling festive as soon as we see them on TV and in magazines. Agencies like RPM who create them are really clever in the unique ways that they make ads. Years ago people thought adverts were an inconvenience now ones like the John Lewis Christmas one have over 18 million hits on YouTube and counting.

Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year filled with excitement and magic and is a time to cherish those close to us and make many wonderful memories we can treasure forever. Sometimes we forget that and adverts like 'The Man In The Moon' and 'Mog' help us remember that, think of others this Christmas and enjoy every second with your loved ones and above all else have fun.

What is your favourite advert?

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  1. I really like the boots advert this year. I just love the music! Not so impressed with John Lewis. The kids love watching Mog on YouTube x

    1. Oh I never seen the Boots one, I liked the John Lewis one for once. xx


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